My Favorite Quotes
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 Ken Macha - “I thought Blanton did another great job. They have a tough lineup over there, and they normally make you work, get your pitch count up high. But (Blantons) command was great. He used all his pitches and made them swing by getting ahead (in the count).”
 Ken Macha - “I would say guys who pitch in the Caribbean Series are ahead, really. You come to Spring Training and you back up. We'll take it easy on him for a little bit and then we'll put him in there.”
 Ken Macha - “I don't want to get ahead of myself, ... We've got to get the guy healthy first.”
 Ken Macha - “Antonio has some speed. The nice thing about having him is he can hit. In other years, I've refrained from using a pinch runner for my best hitters because there was a big drop-off. I'm not afraid to use Antonio. If the lineup turns around, we've got a capable guy in there.”
 Ken Macha - “He hit leadoff a whole lot (in 2002). He's not afraid to walk. What he's done for us so far as the leadoff guy has been tremendous.”
 Ken Macha - “Antonio Perez can hit. Let's say it's the seventh inning and Frank gets on. If we need to pinch run I'm not afraid of using Antonio in that spot. In other years I've refrained from using a pinch-runner for our best hitters because the drop off was too great.”
 Ken Macha - “I've talked to several guys who have managed in the major leagues, asked for some advice. They say go with your best guys. That's what we're going to do. We're going with our best guys.”
 Ken Macha - “I consider that a pretty big win there, especially when one of our top pitchers goes down. They ground it out in the face of adversity when they had an opportunity to give up, and they didn't do that.”
 Ken Macha - “The guys really ground this thing out in the face of adversity. They had an opportunity to just give up, and they didn't.”
 Ken Macha - “Adam hardly gets to play and all he did was hit a home run and catch a shutout. He realizes he's not going to get to play much, but he prepares well. You've got to admire him for his stick-to-it.”
 Ken Macha - “I've already got a DH with some pop Adam Melhuse.”
 Ken Macha - “He was overpowering with his fastball today. He has the ability to cruise around 92, 93 mph, then get it to 97 to finish off a hitter. He had great stuff.”

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