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 Ken Macha - “If I've been a key cog, Ron has been right there, too. I do hope he gets a job, but he'll be a tough guy to replace.”
 Ken Macha - “There's no real hurry. He's swinging the ball well. We hope for the 10th but we'll have to see how he feels.”
 Ken Macha - “That was big, getting the young guys to focus a little more. A couple of these guys were already under house arrest.”
 Ken Macha - “Whitey Herzog said a manager should have a good sense of humor and a good bullpen.”
 Ken Macha - “All I know is the coin flip is done in the commissioner's office and no one can hear it drop. I'd like someone to figure out the odds of losing nine straight coin flips ... I think it's one out of 512. That is impossible.”
 Ken Macha - “You throw one of those to Manny, it's like you're at a driving range and all the balls are hit on that green. They're going to land over there in the same spot. I think there's a parking garage over there.”
 Ken Macha - “Blanton has gotten better as the year has gone on. Reviewing where his innings pitched stats are, he's in good shape. (Closer) Huston Street has been fantastic. (First baseman) Dan Johnson is swinging the bat pretty well ... he doesn't appear to be fazed. Swisher has been struggling of late. Danny Haren is pitching well.”
 Ken Macha - “Those could have been huge innings. I thought it was good from the standpoint of pitching out of jams.”
 Ken Macha - “I went to take Kennedy out and (catcher) Jason Kendall asked me how my heart rate was. I thought it got in a little on him (Teixeira). You can get it in on him, and the ball can still go out. Maybe (my rate) was elevated. I'll have to check the monitor.”
 Ken Macha - “I thought he went around. What I think doesn't count.”
 Ken Macha - “I thought he went. But it doesn't matter what I think.”
 Ken Macha - “I hope in his mind he can sit back and say he doesn't have to do the whole thing. When he looked around and didn't see Crosby in the lineup, he probably thought he was our only home run threat and he had to do a whole lot.”
 Ken Macha - “He has a real good fastball. I thought his breaking ball was OK. It looks like he has a great arm. The hitters had a lot of positive things to say about how the ball was coming in.”
 Ken Macha - “I thought he dropped it on purpose,”
 Ken Macha - “I thought he dropped it on purpose. This guy has caught everything all series. Then there's a line drive to him and he boots it”
 Ken Macha - “You're going to give up runs when you pitch in this ballpark. That's all there is to it. I thought it was a good performance by Zito.”
 Ken Macha - “I thought our makeup was going to be our strength,”
 Ken Macha - “I think he realizes what they are doing. I talked to hitting coach Gerald Perry and he thinks he's starting to come around. But I just thought it was good to give him the day off.”
 Ken Macha - “I thought he dropped it on purpose. The guy caught everything against us and was all over the field.”
 Ken Macha - “When you leave something over the plate, he makes you pay. It's been a long time since we had something like that early deficit. When that happens against a team like that, it's pretty hard.”
 Ken Macha - “Things are gonna work out for him. Maybe he'll get a change of scenery where he can get some more playing time.”
 Ken Macha - “They wanted more rules. When was the last time you asked your teacher to be more strict”
 Ken Macha - “They will all be back on March 20, so there will be plenty of time. I don't know how all this will impact their schedules.”
 Ken Macha - “The hitters remarked that it was pretty nasty. They knew it was coming, but had a hard time hitting it. He throws it over the plate. It was a very positive day for the things we wanted him to do. In Spring Training, he'll be encouraged to throw it during a game.”
 Ken Macha - “The training people are very pleased with the progress of both Crosby and Chavez as far as their throwing shoulders are concerned. Chavez has been throwing a lot, and says he feels great. Crosby felt good throwing. We're just going to take our time with that. We'll stretch them out a little farther.”

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