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 Ken Macha - “He swung the bat very well. The chances of him being in the lineup tomorrow are very high.”
 Ken Macha - “There's not one specific approach you can have with Anderson. He's one of the best hitters in the league. Wherever you pitch him he's pretty much a .300 hitter everywhere. He's a good hitter. He needs a day off tomorrow.”
 Ken Macha - “That's not the formula when you play the Yankees. If you get behind and into hitters' counts, you're asking for trouble.”
 Ken Macha - “That's not the formula for when you play the Yankees, nine walks and three hit by pitches. If you get behind with these guys you're just asking for trouble.”
 Ken Macha - “I'm going to wait until Monday,”
 Ken Macha - “We needed all the runs we got. It goes to show you, you walk people, you hit people and give the other team opportunities, things happen.”
 Ken Macha - “I was thinking perhaps they may walk him. Then I would have Chris Singleton up there hitting with one out and Chris got speed. Chance of a double play diminished a little bit.”
 Ken Macha - “I don't want to walk into the clubhouse this year knowing we lost a game because of signs. It's not like we put a whole lot of signs down.”
 Ken Macha - “It will be interesting to watch it.”
 Ken Macha - “He's been extremely impressive. He's got a bunch of weapons to get hitters out.”
 Ken Macha - “That's the way this game is. They started out on the road, and perhaps the weather was cold. This league is tough and so evenly matched. If you don't bring your 'A' game, you're going to get it handed to you.”
 Ken Macha - “We were kind of in a jam here with this weather situation. There's a 100 percent prediction of rain coming here, and this is the only time the Yankees are in here all year. We're kind of protecting ourselves a little bit.”
 Ken Macha - “We're not looking at a wild-card spot, ... (The Indians) have seven games with the Royals remaining. We'll have to focus on winning the division.”
 Ken Macha - “We were last in pitching and last in hitting. We have a good enough pitching staff that I know we're not going to wind up that way. Things tend to kind of even out.”
 Ken Macha - “I think if he goes out there and pitches a couple times, he'll feel real good about himself being healthy and sound going into the winter.”
 Ken Macha - “This late in the spring, the rain can be a factor. It's critical to get pitchers their innings. They are not stretched out inning-wise.”
 Ken Macha - “He's had some improvement in his left-handed swing. There's still room for more improvement, but I hate to use the word 'better,' so I'll say he was good.”
 Ken Macha - “You're still breathing if you take three of four from the Angels, but you need big help then. Tomorrow, we're going to shoot all our bullets to win that game. Then you worry about the next day.”
 Ken Macha - “(Today) we're going to shoot all our bullets and try to win that game. We'll worry about the next day when we get there.”
 Ken Macha - “The reality is it's still in our hands. We have to play four real good games against the Angels. If we take three of four we're still two back and then we'd need help. We'd still be breathing, but we'd need help. We'll shoot all our bullets to try and win that game (Monday) and worry about the next day when we get there.”
 Ken Macha - “I was not optimistic that he'd be able to give us much. And because I know what a great kid Mark is and how hard he'd been working, I felt a lot worse for him than I did for the team.”
 Ken Macha - “You can kill yourself second-guessing yourself or thinking about everybody else doing that. You have to do what you feel is best. I think it was Chuck Tanner who said he never made a wrong move in his life. Some of them just didn't work out.”
 Ken Macha - “We're hoping that last year was just one of those years where he had a bad year. I thought he swung the bat a lot more aggressively in Spring Training. We're hoping to get some results.”
 Ken Macha - “We always undergo a lot of change every year. I've been here even years and there's always been key players leaving and new guys put in. That's all been done by Billy and done well. I think he knows how I feel about what will be needed.”
 Ken Macha - “The Angels brought up K-Rod (closer Francisco Rodriguez) a couple of years ago, and he propelled them to a World Series,”

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