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 Ken Macha - “I watched his batting practice yesterday, and he swung OK. We'll see if it carries over to today.”
 Ken Macha - “We've got a lot of young pitchers, and they've got a lot of young position players, ... There are a lot of similarities. In a small, low-budget kind of deal, you've got to have youth mixed in there. I think both sides have handled it well.”
 Ken Macha - “I wasn't throwing them out there. The guys want to win. When you don't win, some guys throw things. That's fine. You call it frustration, other people say you want to see a little fire. You saw a little fire coming out of the dugout when the game was over.”
 Ken Macha - “We're not going to play this guy if he has pain.”
 Ken Macha - “I'm not going to play the guy if there's pain in there. He's got medical clearance, but I don't think it's fair to anybody.”
 Ken Macha - “We'll work to get him back in game-shape, if he's pain free. I don't know how many starts he's going to get.”
 Ken Macha - “Just looking into his eyes, I could absolutely see the pain in his eyes, ... He was not going to come out of the game. He was going to stay in. That was symbolic of what these guys have done. I didn't ask how he felt. I just looked at the pain in his face and said, 'You've done enough.'”
 Ken Macha - “Just go out and relax, get some good at-bats and get the butterflies out from being here. He's one of the top prospects in the organization, and I'd like to see him play with confidence and have a goal of making this team in September.”
 Ken Macha - “All I know is we have an organization here that doesn't want to say they are rebuilding, ... They say we are playing to win all the time. I'm operating under that theory.”
 Ken Macha - “Both of us had a desire to manage back then. Guys who have trained themselves properly, gone to the minor leagues and managed and paid their dues coaching for a considerable amount of time and have a great understanding of the game in all aspects. Getting interviewed as much as both of us had been, you always get that feeling that this is never going to happen. I applaud the Devil Rays for giving him an opportunity to go out there and do it. His background is comparable to anybody's. He had the interim job with the Angels a few times and did a fine job.”
 Ken Macha - “I think it's obvious. I don't like coming out at the beginning of the spring and saying it. I'd like to have Barry be the Opening Day starter.”
 Ken Macha - “Just standing back from the situation and looking at it, I was in his shoes a number of times.”
 Ken Macha - “That's a nice rebound after being shutout last night and falling behind 2-0 with their pitcher running through us. To come back shows our resiliency. Jay has really given us a lot. The guy has just been terrific.”
 Ken Macha - “I'm going to wait for the OK. When the trainers say I can, I will put him in a game. The good news is we have two weeks left.”
 Ken Macha - “We were hoping we'd have some better news. We've been on the edge of thinking he's going to be healthy, and he's not healthy yet.”
 Ken Macha - “I wish the news would be better on that front, but it's not.”
 Ken Macha - “It's a dilemma right now. That's why a major-league manager gets up at 4 a.m. every morning, the mind is always working.”
 Ken Macha - “Freddie came in this morning to get in some hitting. He made a spot for himself somewhere. He's been tremendous.”
 Ken Macha - “When I saw him walking out of the locker room this morning, he looked (cranky). Maybe I'll ask him what I can do to get him mad.”
 Ken Macha - “It will be tough for Wash because he has to let his coaches do their job. It was for me. I still love to teach. That's what I miss.”
 Ken Macha - “That was a pretty big win, particularly when one of our main pitchers goes down in the middle of the game and they jump out to a big lead.”
 Ken Macha - “He took it like a man and stood up and faced the music, and I commend him for that, ... It says a lot that he rebounded from a poor season and a poor start this year, particularly with all the scrutiny from the media.”
 Ken Macha - “We have to make an adjustment. The pitching remained constant for both teams.”
 Ken Macha - “We had a little meeting in San Francisco on Sunday and that was covered. We're here to win games. I have a difficult job, and everyone can make it more difficult on me by going out and getting three hits every day.”
 Ken Macha - “Freddie is really taking his game out there. He's an exciting player and he's trying to make a spot for himself. Whatever chance he has, he's making the best of it.”

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