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 Ken Macha - “Walks and hit batters are not a good formula against this club, ... They worked the daylights out of (Zito). One guy after another having five-, six-, seven-pitch at-bats that's a task at getting through that batting order.”
 Ken Macha - “Walks and hit batters are not a good formula against this club. They worked the daylights out of (Zito). One guy after another having five-, six-, seven-pitch at-bats that's a task at getting through that batting order.”
 Ken Macha - “They're known for their power, and they took care of it.”
 Ken Macha - “When he gets into a game, that's his final hurdle. Until then, he's under the care of the trainers.”
 Ken Macha - “When we were trying to pick a fifth starter back in camp, it was between Saarloos and Etherton, and we weren't quite sure which way we were leaning. So we went to Kendall, and he was adamant about Saarloos. That's what clinched it.”
 Ken Macha - “(A's pitching coach) Curt Young wanted to see how he felt. Then he'll pitch on our day off on March 15 up at the minor-league camp to keep on schedule.”
 Ken Macha - “Our target was to get out of here healthy. And as I review the guys who came to camp with concerns ... it looks like we have the green light on pretty much everybody.”
 Ken Macha - “We've got controversy in camp. It was a quiet camp until today. I think it's funny.”
 Ken Macha - “Street had two days off. I'm not playing the statistic game right now. There's only one statistic that worried me and that's winning the game. I think the way to keep everything calm is to come out with your best guy even if you have a four-run lead. I know how this ballpark can get. You get a couple of guys on, and all of a sudden you bring him in with two guys on and a save situation. I prefer it to be the other way around. For me tonight, it was a save situation.”
 Ken Macha - “I'm not playing the stat game right now, ... There's only one statistic that I'm worried about, and that's winning the game. The best way to keep the game calm is to come out with your best guy, even with a four-run lead. Tonight it was a save situation to me.”
 Ken Macha - “I'll take something to calm myself down.”
 Ken Macha - “I read the book. I know what the view is,”
 Ken Macha - “It should be a good birthday for Bradley today.”
 Ken Macha - “Every day, Bill had some bit of history or other knowledge that he would share with me, and his vocabulary was magnificent. Every day, I learned something. I tried to suck up as much of it as I could. Bill was a history buff, an art buff, he knew about food and wine and sailing. And baseball-wise, he kept up with everything. He's a Hall of Fame guy, to me.”
 Ken Macha - “Who knows how the rest of baseball views you”
 Ken Macha - “Quite a baseball game. I probably would have paid to see that one.”
 Ken Macha - “There's too much baseball left. Way too much baseball.”
 Ken Macha - “All four of those are capable of hitting third, but that's a question that doesn't need to be answered right now. I'd like to get some balance in the lineup as far as right-left-right-left, and I'll do the best I can with that. We'll be able to put out a quality lineup every day.”
 Ken Macha - “There was one time the other day he threw a guy out at second it was the best I've seen him throw in two years. I also like the way he's swinging the bat with a little authority behind it.”
 Ken Macha - “I look at all the positives he can bring. I have no past with him. We have tremendous makeup on our team and I have confidence in all the players and the staff that we'll continue to have a great attitude.”
 Ken Macha - “He said, 'I don't care,' ... He just wants to win. ... He's been tremendous with his attitude.”
 Ken Macha - “I don't know where this franchise would be if not for his services. He's impacted a number of wins that we've had, played great second base and done a credible job at shortstop. He's always ready to play, has a tremendous attitude and is full of energy. We should sign him to a long-term contract.”
 Ken Macha - “What happened to Rich happens to a lot of really talented young pitchers. You come in, nobody's seen you, and you kill everyone. But once you start killing people, see, they start paying attention. They send scouts, they study videotape, and they adjust to what you're doing.”
 Ken Macha - “His command was great. They normally make you work to get the pitch count up. He made them swing by getting ahead. He was able to get well into the game with a small pitch count 91.”
 Ken Macha - “I don't want to get ahead of ourselves. Let's wait and make sure (Harden) is healthy.”

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