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 Joe Maddon - “It had been so nip and tuck all the way. But I thought C.C.'s hit was well placed nicely up that gap at the old Bud Light sign. It looked very nice rolling up against it. That was a big play.”
 Joe Maddon - “I'd like to see what he did the other day, again. I thought he was really aggressive in the zone Sunday. I thought he threw strikes. I like the look. You know certain guys have the look. He had it the other day that confident look 'I know what I'm doing. If things go poorly, I can battle through it.' If he can just maintain that composure with the same type of stuff, that would be great.”
 Joe Maddon - “I've always wanted to meet this man. He was my dad's favorite. He is everything I thought he would be.”
 Joe Maddon - “Because of the schedule, coming to Boston and then going to Texas - two really good hitting ballparks - we just thought we'd be better off with an extra guy in the bullpen now. We're just looking for just a one-shot deal on Saturday against Texas.”
 Joe Maddon - “He felt something real quickly, but he was fine. The next couple of pitches were really important to see what he did. They were fine. I thought he threw better after that.”
 Joe Maddon - “I heard about the slider, but I didn't realize it was that good. That thing just goes away. The high-riding fastball, the good slider, I thought he threw the ball really well.”
 Joe Maddon - “He felt really good, because he was taking his time. So I told him to continue taking your time. I think he's going to leave here (Friday) feeling pretty good about himself.”
 Joe Maddon - “I said you're feeling pretty good because you've been taking your time. Continue to take your time.”
 Joe Maddon - “I like it. I like when pitchers throw long toss. I'm sure it's been part of his routine for a long time. It's impressive to see.”
 Joe Maddon - “Hendrickson is on for Thursday. We're going to send Edwin Jackson back down. Jack's going back out and Mark will be back at that time.”
 Joe Maddon - “We just want to avoid the same kind of early rush back like we did the first time. He's going to tell you it's great. He's going to tell you he wants to play, and that's all good -- it's great to hear that. But we don't want to have him have another setback.”
 Joe Maddon - “I was trying to question him on the mound, and he kind of said that it's happened to him before, but then he said that it's never happened, so I was having a hard time. Because when it was in the forearm and then it was in the thumb, so it was just really too strange to leave him out there. That's what I thought.”
 Joe Maddon - “You have to get good pitching to beat the Red Sox, period. They win a lot of close games. We've got to beat them at their own game sometimes also. When you have pitching like they do, you can't expect to come in here and go toe-to-toe with them and beat them 9-8 all the time. You're just not going to do it.”
 Joe Maddon - “He has the mentality of a closer. He has an easy delivery which is part of the deception to the hitters. He is like an old-time Bryan Harvey.”
 Joe Maddon - “He's so easy to talk to on the phone, and you're standing over there meeting him for first time in front of a bunch of people and that was easy, too. He's just such a nice man - everything he's supposed to be.”
 Joe Maddon - “When you play against a team, that's one thing. When you get to spend time around them in the clubhouse and in the dugout, that's another thing.”
 Joe Maddon - “He just did not get the ball where he wanted to. They're swinging the bats well. It was only 5-2 when we took him out at that time. So I still thought we had a pretty good chance, had we been able to hold that deficit, because our team can score some runs. That was the unfortunate part. They all of a sudden got a touchdown and a field goal, which made it much more difficult.”
 Joe Maddon - “I like the way he began that game. I thought he was throwing the ball pretty well. The velocity was good. The location was good. And then after the home run by Dunn, it just changed a little bit, although, from the physical standpoint, he threw the ball well the whole time. From my perspective, I liked what I saw. It's just the quality of pitch diminished a little bit.”
 Joe Maddon - “That had nothing to do with history. That was present time, right there.”
 Joe Maddon - “I just felt he is the right man at this time.”
 Joe Maddon - “Spring training performances are totally skewed most of the time.”
 Joe Maddon - “When you have a big lead and are losing it, when that starts to occur, everything turns to slow time.”
 Joe Maddon - “When I was with the Angels, this guy used to beat us up every time. So I've only seen him when he's good.”
 Joe Maddon - “His day shall come, and it should come for a long time.”
 Joe Maddon - “Any time somebody throws a bat at an umpire, that surprises me. That's not acceptable at any level. That's just not the right thing to do. It's a surprise and it's very unfortunate.”

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