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 Joe Maddon - “I know that's not easy to do. We'll see tonight if they gained any confidence from the win or if it was a one-time deal.”
 Joe Maddon - “He was having a hard time throwing a strike. I felt it was the right thing to get him out of there.”
 Joe Maddon - “It's the first time I've seen him in person in a game and I've heard about his slider. I didn't realize it was that good. That thing just goes away. I was pretty impressed with the high-riding fastball, good slider. First time out. I thought he threw the ball really well.”
 Joe Maddon - “Because before he came up, we talked about it being a one-game situation. He made it easy for me, because it's not easy to tell somebody like that, that, 'We're sending you right back,' because he's done everything we asked him to do. I thought he reached another level mentally. ... I believe once the mental mechanics are in order, the physical mechanics follow. He's getting real close to being here a long time.”
 Joe Maddon - “Those things, every guy I've ever known who had one never gets well quickly. They think they're OK then they try something and whoops. Or if they sneeze, laugh, or cough hard, they feel it. It's just one of those things you have to be patient with. Every guy I know who has had one of those takes a little time.”
 Joe Maddon - “You have to get good pitching to beat the Red Sox, period. When they have pitching like they do, you can't expect to come in here and just try to go toe-to-toe with them and beat them 9-8 all the time. You're just not going to do it. So we got a good pitching performance and won tonight.”
 Joe Maddon - “Then hopefully, by the time we go on the road, he might be ready for us. Maybe by the Oakland series.”
 Joe Maddon - “What did George Patton say It's how you bounce after the fall. We'll look to see how high he bounces the next time.”
 Joe Maddon - “I know we're missing parts. But the guys who are here are coming to the ballpark, are playing hard every day. Every time we pitch well we're in the game.”
 Joe Maddon - “He had some really sharp pitches. He was just a little bit up on occasion. He made some really nice pitches down and away. He spotted the ball in a couple of times. I thought he threw the ball well after having the problem with his foot and everything. He was fine.”
 Joe Maddon - “He looked nice. I think he's going to leave today feeling pretty good about himself.”
 Joe Maddon - “I liked them both today a lot. They both did a great job. I thought Hendrickson threw extremely well at the end.”
 Joe Maddon - “We might have learned something ourselves about him today.”
 Joe Maddon - “We talked last time about how high you bounce after the fall. He bounced very high today. It didn't surprise me.”
 Joe Maddon - “Some pitchers can be very liberal when they evaluate themselves. The most impressive thing he did today was that he admitted he missed his spot.”
 Joe Maddon - “If he throws that many pitches going into the sixth inning, that's nice. He should be ready for seven innings next time out or possibly more. Everything was good, his mound presence. He looked comfortable. Everything kind of flowed today for him.”
 Joe Maddon - “He almost played on Thursday. He did want to play today. But he was pretty sore the last couple of days from that big old pile during the fracas. ... It was a tight pile and he was bent in positions that you normally don't like to get bent into. He's going to play tomorrow, unless I find out he didn't recover well.”
 Joe Maddon - “By tomorrow, we will have somebody. Another player will be here by tomorrow. We're still playing one player short as of Thursday night. And the player could be Sean Burroughs, yes.”
 Joe Maddon - “He's got tomorrow off, actually. He might drive to Orlando.”
 Joe Maddon - “There's no such things as 70 wins being a good season. I don't get that. Eighty-one is just OK. Why would we aim so low I just don't understand that.”
 Joe Maddon - “I think I made the most trips to the field for an Opening Day manager in his first game for a variety of different reasons.”
 Joe Maddon - “We didn't see him last year. I can't wait to see him. Everything I hear is good.”
 Joe Maddon - “He's got to be there. He's fine. We'll wait until today to see how everything washes out, but he looked really good Sunday. That might have been our best pitching performance of the spring right there.”
 Joe Maddon - “We're going to wait and see. I really don't know yet, but I'm not extremely optimistic. It's so early in the year you don't want to push anybody.”
 Joe Maddon - “We'll just have to wait and see. We're not going to try and do anything in return.”

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