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 Joe Maddon - “There's no meetings going on. Just walking around talking to everybody like I normally do. We just have to weather the storm, and as this starts to dissipate, we'll be fine.”
 Joe Maddon - “(Being) .500 is a nice thing, but it's still being mediocre. We've got to get beyond that.”
 Joe Maddon - “I think it should be prudent this time of the year. If it's September and we're in a pennant race, he'd probably be play. We'd probably tell him not to exert himself and be careful. I think being that it is April, let's just make sure.”
 Joe Maddon - “Honestly, that will happen only because the youngsters are doing well. Maybe if somebody is not doing well and they want to make some kind of move and you want to bring these guys along slowly. I'm OK with something like that.”
 Joe Maddon - “We're trying to grow something here. We're not going to make excuses. There's no reason to. ... It's going to get a lot better.”
 Joe Maddon - “I'm OK with that. You really can't miss with some of their guys. If you make a mistake up in the zone, they usually let you know about it.”
 Joe Maddon - “Regardless of where I was, I'd make that same statement. But based on what I heard, the 70 thing, the 81 thing, it absolutely had to be said.”
 Joe Maddon - “Seth didn't make his pitches at all. He couldn't put it where he wanted. He's got a lot to learn about pitching yet.”
 Joe Maddon - “We've got to see them in the game as Spring Training progresses. We're actually looking to see the hitters who are in better shape. Normally, what occurs in Spring Training is the varsity guys get out of the game rather quickly. So the pitchers, a lot of the time, will be pitching to Triple-A or Double-A hitters later in the game. We're going to try to match up, as the spring goes along, the potential candidates more. Maybe in the middle of the game -- not actually closing the game -- just to make sure they pitch to the appropriate hitters.”
 Joe Maddon - “The biggest thing not to do is make snap decisions based on what guys do in spring training.”
 Joe Maddon - “When it gets down to the dirty end. We'll sit down and make our best guesses at that point.”
 Joe Maddon - “He just drips with intangibles. He just oozes with the stuff you need to be good as a group. Above everything he does skillfully, that's what I love the most. He's a guy who does make a difference in the clubhouse.”
 Joe Maddon - “I absolutely love it. This place rocks. The 'Pit' rocks.”
 Joe Maddon - “Somebody needs to find out the logic behind this, because I don't get it.”
 Joe Maddon - “When you have a good pop-up hitter, that's kind of nice. Believe me, catchers want to be comfortable making that play. It's embarrassing for a catcher when you don't make that. They like the realistic spin and Ramos does it well.”
 Joe Maddon - “I want the players to play that way, so I'd better manage that way. The philosophy has been thrown out there. We've been talking about it. We've been working on it, so let's see how it works. Let's see if theory and reality can come together.”
 Joe Maddon - “That's the premise, play the game right and you have a better chance to succeed.”
 Joe Maddon - “The plan was to at least get him in there two times a week. And that's what I thought coming into the season ... We'll just see. Regular catcher Toby Hall is wonderful also.”
 Joe Maddon - “This is about him, it's not about us. I mean, it will be about us as he becomes better. But he needs to become a better shortstop first, and he knows that. I don't think like two more weeks of Spring Training and one game is a whole lot of difference. I'd rather just stick with our game plan, really.”
 Joe Maddon - “He's throwing the ball well. There's been no negative impact. No setbacks. There's no pain. I think he's fine. But we still have to monitor it. We're not just going to throw him out there. We want to stick to the plan. Once we get to the season we'll determine how many days in a row he can play and when he needs a day off.”
 Joe Maddon - “You probably need a seven- to nine-man pitching staff among starters to really get through a season. I would say seven, maybe eight. You're always looking for what's going to happen, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, in case of a breakdown.”
 Joe Maddon - “We had seven walks today. You saw a little bit of patience. When it got tight, I saw a little bit of patience and it was fun to watch.”
 Joe Maddon - “I believe he's going to be fine. I truly do. I'm not worried. If he wasn't healthy I'd be worried. But he's healthy and I'm fine. It's happened to a lot of good pitchers in the past. I know he's a young man, but I have a lot of faith in him.”
 Joe Maddon - “It's always an opportunity when you get to play in the big leagues, but we're coming into this with a game plan that he's going to throw two starts and then go back to Durham. That's the plan. But it is an opportunity, no doubt. I would be lying if I said otherwise.”
 Joe Maddon - “It all felt good. I really thought we were going to figure that one out somehow. We just couldn't finish it off either side. So, again, we came after it. We went after it hard, stayed with it. We're going to keep pounding on that door until we break it down.”

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