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 Peter Mandelson - “Stop walking away. Stop the Silence. Stop the name calling. Stop the blame game,”
 Peter Mandelson - “There is no benefit at all for us taking these parochial fights and these past divisions onto the European stage.”
 Peter Mandelson - “The Commission is making proposals to our member states tomorrow morning to begin proceedings to unblock all the goods currently held at customs,”
 Peter Mandelson - “I shall make proposals tomorrow (Monday) morning to begin proceedings to unblock all the goods that are currently held at customs,”
 Peter Mandelson - “We call it a one-sided bargain.”
 Peter Mandelson - “Progress does not depend on unilateral moves by particular players but on what everyone can put into the mix together. I have a fairly good idea of where Europe can end up eventually but moving the EU will really depend not just on our red lines, but the overall balance.”
 Peter Mandelson - “We will take no lectures from anyone on the needs of developing countries, ... We have more developing country agricultural produce coming into our market than the whole of the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia combined.”
 Peter Mandelson - “I do not share the half-in, half-out attitude to the EU of some in Britain. Britain's place is in Europe.”
 Peter Mandelson - “I strongly endorse the spirit of (Bush's) remarks and I think that it's important that somebody like the president should give this amount of attention to the round,”
 Peter Mandelson - “China has a responsibility (to ensure) that no artificial, unreasonable barriers remain in place to European goods sold to Chinese markets.”
 Peter Mandelson - “They want to derail peace because they want to plunge Northern Ireland back into armed conflict.”
 Peter Mandelson - “It is not as it has been painted - with me being pro-nuclear and Margaret being anti-nuclear. We both have the same concerns as expressed in the energy white paper, and we both have the same appreciation that nuclear has to be part of the debate.”
 Peter Mandelson - “It is hard to see where progress can be achieved in Hong Kong if the talks continue in this direction. The level of ambition, if anything, is going backwards.”
 Peter Mandelson - “My fear is that in lowering expectations for Hong Kong, we will cause the overall ambition for the round to fall.”
 Peter Mandelson - “substantial new market access in agriculture, leaving no product sector untouched.”
 Peter Mandelson - “We can't be expected to make a further offer in agriculture in order to pay to keep others at the negotiating table. Europe is willing to give more than it has offered, but it is not prepared to ask for nothing in return.”
 Peter Mandelson - “All of us together will have to put figures on the reduction of distorting subsidies, as well as the elimination and disciplining of export refunds or other export competition mechanisms, ... That includes putting dates on the phasing out of agriculture export subsidies and front-loading them as much as we can.”
 Peter Mandelson - “Demanding more and more in agriculture, without proper balance in commitments from others in agriculture and outside of agriculture, does not add up to deal making.”
 Peter Mandelson - “this is not an agriculture-only round and the European Union is not its sole banker.”
 Peter Mandelson - “We are strongly committed to bringing everything together for Hong Kong, including for agriculture,”
 Peter Mandelson - “In the past few days we have crossed some thresholds, ... In agriculture, while we have moved from stand off, we have not yet achieved trade-off.”
 Peter Mandelson - “We want to see further movement on the issue of market access in agriculture, but this cannot be viewed in isolation and WTO members need to understand this.”
 Peter Mandelson - “Simply demanding more in agriculture...does not add up to a serious negotiation,”
 Peter Mandelson - “Our meeting has been useful, not in narrowing the differences but in defining them, ... I feel we have done everything we could reasonably be expected to do in agriculture.”
 Peter Mandelson - “If the United States is similarly willing, as reports indicate this morning, to negotiate further on its agriculture offer, this is an important advance. I welcome it.”

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