My Favorite Quotes
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 Kerry Emanuel - “My results suggest that future warming may lead to an upward trend in hurricanes' destructive potential.”
 Charlie Manuel - “Things are getting a little bit tighter. We have two games left to play and, yeah, there is some pressure there, but we can handle it.”
 Charlie Manuel - “I just want to talk about winning. I don't even want to think about losing. I know we can't be losing games.”
 Charlie Manuel - “The game was huge. We're not out of it, but we need to win. We definitely can't lose any more games.”
 Charlie Manuel - “We definitely can't lose any more games,”
 Marquand Manuel - “You don't get that many chances to play in these types of games. You've got to go out there and give it your best shot.”
 Jerry Manuel - “That's something we're going to try to keep out of these last four games.”
 Charlie Manuel - “That's kind of understandable if he is (upset), ... but that was what I wanted to do. I didn't want to give up more runs.”
 Charlie Manuel - “We can score some runs, but I'm worried about how many we might give up. Our pitching is going to be the key for us.”
 Charlie Manuel - “It's his job to lose, and he won't give it up easily.”
 Charlie Manuel - “If you would have told me that we'd give up three runs, I would have said we would win this game.”
 Tessy Manuel - “This was a game where we had to have a strong showing. There was nothing to really be excited about when you give one away like we did.”
 David Emanuel - “Our removal of those features was because we have become focused on search for consumers and businesses, and those features were not in line with our goals.”
 Charlie Manuel - “That's been my lineup all year. I know guys need days off and stuff, but Pat's been swinging good lately.”
 Charlie Manuel - “We brought in a lot of guys, and it's important to see them in Spring Training. Our roster isn't set. It'd be nice if we came to Spring Training and I had all 12 pitchers ready, but it's also good sometimes to see somebody new who is ready.”
 Charlie Manuel - “Houston's schedule definitely concerns me. Not only are we playing teams in our division, we're playing very good teams that are very tough on us, too.”
 Charlie Manuel - “We got what, 11 hits tonight Did we hit some balls good, yeah. But we're still not raking the ball.”
 Charlie Manuel - “He got off to a real good start and hit a bad spell where he was fatigued. Once he got through that, he's been pretty good.”
 Charlie Manuel - “He's really aggressive in the outfield. His hustle is going to be good for our team.”
 Charlie Manuel - “The bottom line is if you don't win nothing and you come in second, that's not good enough.”
 Charlie Manuel - “They've got to push one another to be the best. He threw a good hook.”
 Charlie Manuel - “Hes going to leave the park if he swings at good balls. He just hit through that pitch. It was already up (in the zone) and he popped it out of the yard.”
 Charlie Manuel - “Michaels was very adequate in center and real good at the corners. As our No. 2 hitter, he concentrated on getting on base and on moving runners, and I think that took away from his power. He did a hell of a job, but I think he could hit more home runs.”
 Trevor Manuel - “This commission will highlight fundamental aspects of economic growth for the attainment of development objectives and identify forward-looking growth policies.”
 Charlie Manuel - “I wish I could have found a way to get Ryan Howard up there against a right-hand pitcher. I could have done a whole lot of things. But if I tried to tell you that, I probably would lose you.”

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