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 Marcus Ginyard - “Everything was his way or the highway, which was good. We came home and we weren't going anywhere until our homework was done. We weren't playing video games until all our homework was done. And the dishes better be done before he gets home from work.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “It's dangerous to give a team like that momentum.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “It doesn't really matter to me who I'm coming in for. You've just got to come in ready to play, and I finally answered that call late in the game.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Never. We never even thought of it.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Danny was big-time tonight. He's always there kind of lurking around. He was a big lift for us this time. We know he can step up and take big-time shots.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Tyler is a big-time player.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Any time a coach does that, you've got to know it's for one reason and one reason only. I think he sent a message.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “If he's not putting the ball in, it's a little difficult for us. At the same time, that shouldn't be the case. We've got a lot of talent on this team, and we've got to put the ball in the hole.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “You lose the game by three points, there's three points right there. It's dangerous to give a team like that the momentum. It was a big-time shot.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “We understand we can't have any mental mistakes. Mental mistakes are what other teams capitalize on, and that's how you get upsets. We've got to get the mind strong for where we're going to go.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “He just sent the message that obviously that five wasn't getting it done effort-wise. Any time a coach subs all five, you've got to know it's for that reason and that reason only.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “As long as we understand we didn't give the effort we needed to give tonight, we can learn from it going into the tournament. We're still excited about the NCAA tournament and what we'll be able to prove to some people in the next couple of weeks.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “I feel like he's a threat to break out at any time, even if he's coming off a so-called slump. You've just got to be ready for him to have a big-time game. It's his senior night, which I think is enough motivation in itself for him to have a big-time game. We've just got to be there to try to slow him down.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Watching with buddies, you're talking about look at that dunk, look at that 3. You sit down with a coach, and he's talking about look at this defensive mistake that team made and how to correct it. So you're getting a totally different look from him.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Just staying behind him, not letting him make contact with you. Once he's feeling you for contact, that's when he can get his spacing. You just try to stay behind him. You try to stay close enough so you don't lose him, but not too close where he can get his hands on you.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “It was just staying behind him, not letting him make contact with you. Once he's feeling you for contact, that's when he gets his spacing.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “He's going to knock down tough shots, and you've got to make every shot as tough as you possibly can for him.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “I think Danny might be wrong thinking we'll have butterflies. I think we'll be so excited and so pumped up to play that I doubt there will be any butterflies. I don't know how he felt but going into Cameron Stadium (at Duke last Saturday) I didn't have any butterflies myself. I was so excited. I think the excitement factor will cancel it out.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “He's going to make those shots. Even over great defense.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “It was tough to play defense for that long and have them down by that much, and for him to make that crazy shot like that, that just really got them going. From then on, they started coming back into the game. You could see everybody's head drop on the bench when the shot went it. It just started the story of the game.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “It was just as electric as I expected. We just used it to feed us. We've been great using the crowd to feed us, and it fed us the whole game.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “That's why they're outside and we're inside. We think more of ourselves than a lot of other people do, but that doesn't matter. We know what we're capable of.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “It was just coming out and totally outplaying a team. We got outplayed in California and that's unacceptable, so we had to come back and play this hard tonight.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Everybody knows at that point that he's all business. We've got to make it so he doesn't need to do that anymore. We need to play off our own intensity instead of Coach having to throw things at us.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Everybody knows at that point he's all business. We've just got to make it where he's not doing that anymore, where we play off our own intensity and not what Coach is throwing at us.”

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