My Favorite Quotes
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 Marilyn Monroe - “No one ever called me pretty when I was a little girl”
 Marilyn Monroe - “was a small-town girl.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I want to continue my growth in every way.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “You can't sleep your way into being a star. It takes much, much more. But it helps a lot of actresses get their first chance that way.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I don't know if high society is different in other cities, but in Hollywood important people can't stand to be invited someplace that isn't full of other important people. They don't mind a few unfamous people being present because they make good listeners. But if a star or studio chief or any other great movie personages find themselves sitting among a lot of nobodies, they get frightened - as if somebody was trying to demote them.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “A photographer once told me that my two best points are between my waist and my neck.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Wouldn't it be nice to be like men, just getting notches in your belt, having affairs with the most atttractive men . . . and not getting emotionally involved.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “People feel fame gives them some kind of privilege to walk up to you and say anything to you, of any kind of nature and it won't hurt your feelings like it's happening to your clothing.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I feel as though it's all happening to someone right next to me. I'm close, I can feel it, I can hear it, but it isn't really me.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “It's nice to be included in people's fantasies, but you also like to be accepted for your own sake.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I have never been very good at being a member of any group - more than a group of two, that is.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Why haven't I the right to grow and expand like everybody else”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Isn't there any other part of the matzo you can eat”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I always felt insecure and in the way but most of all I felt scared. I guess I wanted love more than anything else in the world.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I always felt I was nobody and the only way for me to be somebody was to be... well, somebody else.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Creativity has got to start with humanity and when you're a human being, you feel, you suffer.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Hollywood's a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss, and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Remember now, cheers, no tears...”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I used to get the feeling, and sometimes I still get it, that I was fooling somebody-I don't know who or what-maybe myself. I have feelings some days when there are scenes with a lot of responsiblity, and I'll wish, gee, if only I would have been a cleaning woman.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I never wear stockings or underclothes because I think it is important to breathe freely.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “I always sleep with my mouth open. I know because it's open when I wake up.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Dogs have never hurt me. Only men have.”
 Marilyn Monroe - “Sometimes I've been to a party where no one spoke to me for a whole evening. The men, frightened by their wives or sweeites...the ladies would gang up in a corner and discuss my dangerous character.”

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