My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Shaw - “The garden it was in was quite a nice one so we knew it didn't belong there .”
 Mark Shaw - “We try to give them things for enrichment, to give them something to do.”
 Mark Shaw - “The next day they noticed that there was a blanket in the sheep barn and some sticks. A candle was found yesterday afternoon on top of a heater in the barn.”
 Mark Shaw - “The people here are great. Since the fire we've had literally hundreds of people come to say, 'If there's anything they can do to help or anything.' I've lived here all my life and it's just awesome.”
 Mark Shaw - “I've already talked to our night keepers and night security people, and we're going to see if we can get some extra patrols in the area.”
 Mark Shaw - “They were there the night after the incident, ... They were even there last night when police took photographs. The physical evidence just doesn't match with what coach Knight said.”
 Mark Shaw - “H-E-B is well known and we look forward to being able to align ourselves with such a venerated company in the market.”
 Mark Shaw - “I think it's a great idea. Monte's always been good to us. The wall is there and Monte's always been a big part of the community. He's fattened the postal employees up with his candy for years. He's a great guy. It would be a good thing to do.”
 Mark Shaw - “This is about everyone coming together to help the community and give the kids somewhere to play.”
 Mark Shaw - “The Compliancy ICM solution provides a unique combination of capabilities for transforming SOX compliance into business value. Companies can realize even greater cost reductions, identify issues earlier, and future-proof their solution for new regulations, expansion and changes.”
 Mark Shaw - “The course starts in Ocean City and they go over the bridge so it's a more scenic route.”
 Mark Shaw - “38th over Australia 121-2 (Ponting 41, Martyn 17) Jones is getting some swing here - lots of sharp inswingers which Ponting has to jab down sharply on. But the Australian captain survives, and that's lunch. Intrigued by the fervent praise for Stick Cricket in this OBO, I thought I'd give it a whirl - and almost immediately attracted the attention of my less-than-impressed boss, ... Surely some kind of record - do I win a prize Other than a P45”