My Favorite Quotes
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 Maryann Keller - “He still has a big stake. It would be impossible for him to get out of that position in the stock.”
 Maryann Keller - “This is a perfect storm for the auto industry.”
 Maryann Keller - “We've never been in a market like this, where gasoline prices are cheap. It's a world that's very hostile to small cars.”
 Maryann Keller - “These were people who grew up inside those companies. They had to have a degree of loyalty to continually provide components at what would be a money losing proposition for them.”
 Maryann Keller - “may find that incremental value is worth the cost simply because he or she already places a higher than normal value on safety.”
 Maryann Keller - “It seems like the rest of the world has figured it out. When are they going to figure it out When are they going to declare a crisis and start running a company as though it is in a crisis”
 Maryann Keller - “It's obvious to everybody what is necessary and what has to get done, ... What is less obvious is whether or not the company itself has the intestinal fortitude to do it and whether they have the bench strength to do it.”
 Maryann Keller - “When a company is bleeding as much cash as General Motors is, cutting the dividend seems to be sort of an obvious thing. They should not have waited until the world is literally screaming, 'Why you are paying over a billion dollars of cash when you are bleeding cash”
 Maryann Keller - “When Mark Fields and Anne Stevens took over it was clear the baton had been passed to another generation.”
 Maryann Keller - “It's a piggy bank, and every month they shake money out of it, ... Eventually, you have to start putting cash back into the piggy bank.”