My Favorite Quotes
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 Matthew Alexy - “We see high growth with very low inflation. These aren't mutually exclusive. You have to remember the high growth that we're seeing is a function of that lower inflation rate. If we had inflation at 3 or 4 percent, growth would be a lot slower.”
 Matthew Alexy - “The bond market is very excited about this inflation data.”
 Matthew Alexy - “This is going to compel some Fed officials to talk about raising interest rates. For the financial markets, the employment report for December is very negative. We see stock prices down. We see bond yields up. We are going to see this pressure continue for the next couple of days.”
 Matthew Alexy - “When you start getting involved in bond math it gets complicated. (But) if you don't understand how it works you should do your homework.”
 Matthew Alexy - “I think there'll be a little more depth in the market and it will be an important week. We've been stuck in a trading range, certainly in bonds. I think we'll have more people with more money casting more of a vote. That'll be important.”
 Matthew Alexy - “I think yesterday was the biggest part of it. But if you find out there are going to be some proceedings, some impeachment proceedings, that could have a major effect.”
 Matthew Alexy - “We are seeing the long bond tell us that the Fed's decision was proper from an inflation perspective. Long-term interest rates are coming down slightly, moving from 7 percent to about 6.95 percent at the this point in time. So the market isn't worried about inflation. The market thinks the Fed's decision was right.”
 Matthew Alexy - “Obviously, there's quite a lot of concern about what's going on around the world. Greed has been replaced by fear. There's not much rationality in a greed environment and there's not much rationality in a fear environment.”
 Matthew Alexy - “(The yen's climb) complicates the equation, and brings out rumors of foreigners liquidating dollar-based assets.”
 Matthew Alexy - “It's really a central bank story. But the dollar will gain favor if we see U.S. assets drawing investors again.”
 Matthew Alexy - “This shows they are going to want to see signs financial dislocation is being transmitted to companies. The next action is likely to come only when we really see a sign of slowing in the economy.”