My Favorite Quotes
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 Matthew Archambeault - “The government didn't present any case, they just wanted it to appear like they did.”
 Matthew Archambeault - “He may step into sensitive areas that could harm the security of the US Government or other countries.”
 Matthew Archambeault - “We're 99.9 percent sure the judge is going to grant deferral. He is very satisfied with our case.”
 Matthew Archambeault - “In the meantime, hopefully we can have a fruitful conversation with the government to get his release, perhaps under conditions they can impose. We are pleased. This is what we envisioned as going to happen from the beginning.”
 Matthew Archambeault - “It's clear that from a lack of presentation of the government's case on this issue, that they feel that he will be tortured. But for political reasons, they don't want to come right out and say that they will go for deferral. They will leave it up to the judge to decide.”
 Matthew Archambeault - “They really deserved asylum. The conditions that Chavez is subjecting people to - he's torturing people. There's one person to blame for all of this, and it's Hugo Chavez.”