My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike McCain - “Emily always does a good job. She's always going to give 100 percent. We're glad to have her. We booted it around defensively a little bit tonight. We've actually gotten a little better at that. But we're pretty young.”
 John McCain - “We won because we're going to take the government out of the hands of the special interests and give it back to you,”
 Ginger McCain - “Paul was very good about the whole affair and said that if Inca Trail adapts to Liverpool and goes and does it, he could go very close. If he does, the credit's his, not ours.”
 John McCain - “never had a legitimate government in Saigon that the people believed in and trusted.”
 John McCain - “The major reason I'm running for president of the United States is right here in this room, ... I want to get young people back into the political process and part of the government.”
 John McCain - “The American people really need to get their money back, ... take government back from the special interests.”
 John McCain - “This bill is a shameful example of why the American public has become cynical and skeptical of government. We seem to have forgotten that all these programs, whether meritorious or not, must be paid for,”
 John McCain - “Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, has criticized the government for having never really even made any serious attempt at keeping track of the revenues ... just way out of sight.”
 John McCain - “We need very badly to form this unity government as soon as possible. We all know the polls show declining support among the American people.”
 John McCain - “I think the governor has played by the rules of the game, ... Do I like the game No. But to tie one hand behind his back would not be appropriate.”
 John McCain - “I hate these governors. We should always pick senators.”
 John McCain - “One week from this evening we are going to be celebrating one of the greatest victories in American political history.”
 John McCain - “If you have a problem, I hope you have a little more privacy than I had.”
 John McCain - “I hope it plays out very quickly. It's obviously not helpful,”
 John McCain - “That's what I am told the strategy is, ... I hope that it's not true. I hope that they won't do that.”
 John McCain - “It is, in short, sir, unpatriotic. I hope it meets with the public opprobrium it most certainly deserves.”
 John McCain - “We're the party of Abraham Lincoln, of inclusion, and not of exclusion, and I hope we can all work together and maintain a dialogue within our party as we help try to resolve this very difficult issue that affects American in such a grievous way,”
 John McCain - “I hope there is a realization that this is the right thing to do,”
 John McCain - “This man is fully prepared, ... He is fully prepared to restore integrity and respect to the White House of the United States of America.”
 John McCain - “Why do you think we should This keeps us from getting information that may save American lives. This is a restraint by humanitarian do-gooders. Why don't we just throw them in the trash can and do what is necessary We have developed sophisticated techniques that we could just go after these people and get what we need and save American lives, General”
 John McCain - “This idea started with a couple of people coming up and saying, 'Hey, why don't we take a final trip on the Straight Talk Express,' ... And it seems to have expanded into something a little larger than that.”
 John McCain - “Just stop at one of these construction sites and look and see who those workers are. They're all Hispanic, ... And I bet you they're illegal.”
 John McCain - “This has brought us to the brink, and if we can step back from it, I think it would improve the atmosphere around here,”
 John McCain - “save taxpayer funds in copying and mailing costs and ensure more widespread dissemination of information and efficiency of research.”
 John McCain - “(T)his mistreatment of prisoners and torture is not productive. ... You don't get information that's usable from people under torture, because they tell you what you want to hear.”

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