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 Jack McKeon - “He did a good job. It's too bad we don't have more games where we could give him a few more opportunities, but he did his job tonight. We were very proud of the way he performed out there and stayed within himself. I think he's got a good future here.”
 Jack McKeon - “This one looked a lot like '03 when we kept pulling games out,”
 Jack McKeon - “I had only won eight games then.”
 Jack McKeon - “This one looked a lot like '03 when we kept pulling games out. We had lost our touch at that, maybe we're getting it back again.”
 Jack McKeon - “We redeemed ourselves a little bit for that terrible exhibition Saturday. It shows they're not ready to give up.”
 Jack McKeon - “You've got a 4-1 lead, give it to guys like Jim Bunning, Bob Gibson or Dontrelle (Willis), you'll close them out.”
 Jack McKeon - “This is a big-league stadium. Give me big-league lights.”
 Jack McKeon - “They didn't give up, ... I think they all realize we have something at stake here.”
 Jack McKeon - “He was coming back up after they got eliminated from the postseason. We've got these extra guys in here to give us a little protection in case somebody went down.”
 Jack McKeon - “Somewhere along the line you have to figure out, I can't give in to this guy,' ... Go back and show us the pitcher you were the first five games challenging everybody.”
 Jack McKeon - “It's a big-league stadium. Give us big-league lights. Everybody in the top deck had cigarette lighters.”
 Jack McKeon - “It's something he's had off and on the last two or so starts, ... We told him to give us six good innings.”
 Jack McKeon - “It's a big-league stadium. Give us big-league lights. Everybody in the top deck had their cigarette lighters out.”
 Jack McKeon - “When you give up too many bases on balls, it's going to hurt you, and he didn't have his best stuff tonight.”
 Jack McKeon - “That's not one of my goals,”
 Jack McKeon - “He's done a good job thus far as far as I'm concerned. He still seems to be getting on base and he's starting to pick up his hitting.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's got good enough stuff to win in any league. He's got to throw it over the plate.”
 Jack McKeon - “Beckett rose to the occasion. Dontrelle rose to the occasion. Now we've got to get A.J. to rise and Vargas to rise, and we'll be in pretty good shape.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's a good hitter. Like I said, he's going to get warmed up once he knows the league a little bit better. He's seeing these pitchers now and getting an idea on all these guys.”
 Jack McKeon - “You have to know he was in a lot of grief. But he's a pro. He's always the same old Roger. He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer.”
 Kelly McKeon - “We played with heart tonight. We won't take losing. We left it all on the floor. We were playing for our lives out there.”
 Jack McKeon - “It's a nice honor, ... but what the hell That just goes to show I've been around a while and I've had good players who helped me get there.”
 Jack McKeon - “After playing probably the worst game in Marlins history, the way they came back showed all the people they're not quitting. We may get beat, but we're not giving up.”
 Jack McKeon - “Luis is playing like he did in '03. He's been hot. I hope he stays hot for another 30 days.”
 Jack McKeon - “For his sake, I hope it's just an odd year. You suffer with him because you know how much he wants to play and you know what he has done for us in the past. Nobody can put your finger on it.”

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