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 Jack McKeon - “The guy said, 'This your medicine kit' I said, 'Yeah.' About five days later, he sends me a check for 100, and says, 'Go get yourself a decent medicine kit.'”
 Jack McKeon - “I feel 45, ... Doing this keeps me young. Some people say, 'What about the pressure' I love the pressure. I love the camaraderie with the coaches, players and the media.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's the type of pitcher that can't afford to make too many mistakes, but he's been very good in limiting any mistakes.”
 Jack McKeon - “We certainly helped him. If you make him throw strikes, you can beat him. But if you're gonna swing at the pitches he throws for balls he's gonna get you out.”
 Kevin McKeon - “We have been trying to get the word out all filing season. We know that April 15th certainly stands out as the usual filing date. But we want to make sure that everyone knows they have longer this year and know what the correct deadline is.”
 Jack McKeon - “A lot of times, you will see a guy make a lot different pitches because they are more focused with holding the guy on.”
 Jack McKeon - “It scared me a little bit, because I wanted to make sure he went five to get the win. But then he told me he was fine. He's a battler.”
 Nancy McKeon - “I love San Francisco. Last season we shot for about a week and a half up in the Bay area. But the majority of our show is shot here in LA.”
 Jack McKeon - “He was dodging bullets all the time. Your luck sometimes runs out but we got out of here with what we wanted. Five or six innings, 85-100 pitches. And we had enough guys in the bullpen ... he did his share and the rest of the guys picked him up.”
 Jack McKeon - “We need a lot of luck.”
 Jack McKeon - “You've got to have some luck. This thing is going to go down to the last week of the season.”
 Jack McKeon - “My family -- they live and die every game. When we lose a game, I don't even want to call them at home, because it is so depressing. They are down, they're beat up. If any of you guys write something they don't like, it beats them up. I don't want them to go through that any more.”
 Jack McKeon - “Whoever wants to give another chance to an old guy of 75, I'll be glad to listen, ... I'm not 75, though, I tell you. I may be 50 now, and I probably was 45 when I got here, but I'm ready to go.”
 Jack McKeon - “I feel great, and I'm not tired of what I'm doing. I'm not going to solicit anything. If someone calls, like Jeffrey did, I'll listen.”
 Jack McKeon - “Guys have off years. For his sake, you hopes it's an odd year. You suffer with him because you know how much he loves to play and what he's done in the past.”
 Jack McKeon - “I'm not running a kindergarten here where I have to go ask permission to win a game, ... I think Tony LaRussa said it best. He said, 'How you perform will determine where you hit in the lineup.'”
 Jack McKeon - “He's going to be a 20-game winner, there's no doubt in my mind. He just makes the hitters hit the ball and doesn't mess around too much.”
 Jack McKeon - “He gives us a pretty good outing every time he goes out there. He's an 18-game winner. He's going to be a 20-game winner, there's no doubt in my mind. He just makes the hitters hit the ball and doesn't mess around too much.”
 Jack McKeon - “There's probably no doubt in my mind he's the MVP of the league. There's no fanfare with him.”
 Jack McKeon - “Willis gives a pretty good outing every time he's out there. He's steady. He's going to be a 20-game winner, there is no doubt in my mind. He just makes the hitters hit the ball. He doesn't mess around too much. He does other things. He drove in the winning run by getting hit by a pitch. He does all those little things.”
 Jack McKeon - “No doubt in my mind he's the MVP in this league. I'm so proud of him because he's such a class individual, goes about his work in a very businesslike manner. No fanfare with him. ... You get through a dogfight like we did in 2003 with guys like Lee.”
 Jack McKeon - “What can you say No doubt in my mind, he's the MVP of this league,”
 Jack McKeon - “We were lucky a doctor stopped by as well,”
 Corey McKeon - “It was a little bit more relaxing knowing our defense was playing well. But we have to get more competitive as a defense when those bigger games come and I think we're going to be great.”
 Jack McKeon - “I'm trying to get my pitchers to go. What am I going to do, take everybody out every time they go two innings We've got to get somebody to go deep, five innings. I can't take the starters out every night with two innings. Otherwise I lose six games. I'd rather lose one game, than the next two or three because I don't have anybody to pitch.”

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