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 Jack McKeon - “It's nice when your pitcher can take you deep. We're trying to get him not to go for the fences, to hit the line drives.”
 Jack McKeon - “I haven't made a decision yet. I am not ready to announce a decision yet.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's one of the best pitchers we've seen all year. One of the best-pitched games we've seen all year. Give the guy credit.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's one of the best pitchers we've seen all year and it was one of the best-pitched games we've seen all year, ... Give the guy credit, he did a hell of a job.”
 Jack McKeon - “He bunted on his own, which was a smart play. Give these guys some credit for being unselfish when they do things like that.”
 Jack McKeon - “You see what we're putting out there. Give them credit. They're scraping and scraping. We were just one hit away, which has basically been the story of our season, one hit away from breaking some games open.”
 Jack McKeon - “To their credit, they find a way every year. I mean, this is every year so it's no fluke. They know what they're doing.”
 Jack McKeon - “It wasn't his sharpest outing, and he threw a lot 98 of pitches, ... But he kept us in the game. If our starting pitchers keep us in the game, we'll win most of them. It's when they let things get out of control we have trouble.”
 John McKeon - “Remote control rifles fall off all the ethical charts. The actions of the Texas Web site are nothing short of pay-per-view killing. It's not sport, it's cruelty.”
 Jack McKeon - “I think over the last part of the year he wasn't as sharp he may have been tired. Most of the time he has pretty good control. He has shown that he can be a good fifth starter.”
 Michael McKeon - “Any suggestion to the contrary ... is outrageous and wrong.”
 Jack McKeon - “They all did a fabulous job. Mota bailed himself out of a tough ... situation. This is what we wanted to see from him on a consistent basis.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's done a great job, really. We're used to watching Gonzo make the plays at short, but Easley has been pretty consistent.”
 Jack McKeon - “They all did a fabulous job, really. Mota has pitched well the last two or three times out of the bullpen. This is what we wanted to see on a consistent basis, and he's given it three out of four times.”
 Michael McKeon - “Jeanine has earned the Conservative Party's support four times”
 Kevin McKeon - “The computer is doing a lot of stuff to check for math errors. It's asking about deductions and credits. It's verifying that you put in the right stuff and used the correct tables. It's a much more accurate process.”
 Jack McKeon - “That was probably the toughest loss because we were really rooting for the guy to win for us. To fall early in the game really took the starch out of everything. I don't think there is a guy on the club who wasn't pulling for him tonight. Maybe they tried too hard.”
 Jack McKeon - “I'd like to get this club back to where it should be next year.”
 Jack McKeon - “You feel so happy when a guy reaches that plateau. The fire and energy he brings to the club is something special.”
 Jack McKeon - “We have to regroup and come back tomorrow. It's not over. We've run into a hot club. They're similar to us in 2003.”
 Jack McKeon - “I think it's special for the whole club. The first 20-game winner this club ever had. He's been a Rookie of the Year and an All-Star. He conceivably could get 23 or 24 wins in the regular season. He's done everything you can ask for. I'm tired of talking about what a great competitor he is, but he is. You've got to give him credit. Some could say someone else helped him. ... Baloney. He did it himself.”
 Jack McKeon - “It showed what our club is made of. We could've been buried after falling behind their best pitcher, but we kept coming back with clutch hitting.”
 Jack McKeon - “He'll say someone helped him. Baloney. He did it. ... It's special for the whole club. He has worked so hard the last three years to get to this point. Rookie of the Year. All-Star. He could conceivably get 23 or 24 wins.”
 Nancy McKeon - “Actually I've never had formal training, I was lucky enough to continue working most of my career and aside from sitting in on a couple of classes, here and there, I basically just use my own instincts.”
 Jack McKeon - “I want to thank Jeffrey for giving me the opportunity. He's the only one who had the guts to give an old senior citizen a chance. And it took a lot of guts. He also made it possible to live my dream out of some day going to the World Series, and winning it. South Florida ought to be proud of it.”

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