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 Jack McKeon - “The first call this morning was at 8 a.m. from my cigar guy, ... He just wanted to say, 'Congratulations.' I also heard from my kids and grandkids.”
 Jack McKeon - “I hit him seventh because he's a pretty good hitter. He's got more RBI than the two guys behind him. He's got more at-bats and more hits than either one of them have in their whole career. It was not a tough choice.”
 Jack McKeon - “I hit him seventh because he's a pretty good hitter. He's got more RBIs than the two guys behind him. He's got more at-bats and more hits than either one of them have in their whole career. It was not a tough choice.”
 Jack McKeon - “We hope to beat up on the Astros. We don't care what (the Phillies) do.”
 Jack McKeon - “I don't care about his slides, as long as he's ready to go the next time out. He loves the game. He plays the game the way it's supposed to be played. There's a lot of kid in him. You can't take that away from him.”
 Michael McKeon - “This campaign is about Jeanine Pirro and her experience, qualifications and willingness to serve as New York's full-time senator.”
 Nancy McKeon - “And it wasn't until I came out here to California when my brother got a role on the show Alice, that I also began to go on auditions for acting roles.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's one of the best in the business. The guy's a vacuum cleaner. He's a magician. He can make that (double play) coming across the bag like no one you've ever seen. I've had a lot of great shortstops play for me but this guy was right up there with the best. He should have won a Gold Glove every year but he doesn't have the charisma that others have and he doesn't sell himself. But Boston will love him.”
 Jack McKeon - “What can you say No doubt in my mind, the MVP of this league. I'm so proud of him because he is such a class individual. He goes about his work in a business-like manner. There's no fanfare with him. He's steady Eddie all the time.”
 Jack McKeon - “Another series win. We're not going to brag about it. We just want to win as many series as we can.”
 Jack McKeon - “We just didn't get it done. We're all responsible. I'm not going to blame anybody. I'm the leader of the ship. I've got to be held responsible.”
 Jack McKeon - “I didn't like it when it originally came up. I wasn't too crazy about it. But the more I see it, I think it's great for baseball. I didn't realize it had such an impact on so many cities.”
 Jack McKeon - “I never worked for a better owner in baseball. I've worked for a few -- Charlie Finley, Ted Turner, Ray Kroc, Ewing Kaufman, Marge Schott. Jeffrey has been the best owner I've ever worked for. He let you do your job. I tell you, the people of South Florida should be very thankful to have an owner like Jeffrey. He has such a tremendous desire to win. He has said that so many times. He's one owner who has talked the talk and walked the walk. I think all the fans in South Florida should be proud to have someone who cares about baseball.”
 Jack McKeon - “I'm sorry we had to let Jeffrey and all of our good fans down. But this is what happens in baseball. It evolves from year to year. It isn't automatically that easy that you can get a few players and you're going to win it all. It's not that easy.”
 Jack McKeon - “That's the good thing about the game of baseball -- you can redeem yourself the next night. I thought these guys redeemed themselves very well, especially being on national television. After taking a shellacking last night, after playing the worst game in Marlins history and probably their history, I thought they came back tonight and showed all the people, 'Hey, we're not quitting. We're not giving up.' We may get beat, but we're not giving up.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's come along. This is what we'd been hoping from him the balance of the year. Get on base, cause problems. When you get those kinds of guys on base, they make the opposition think a little bit.”
 Corey McKeon - “He's soft. He's a baby out there. I have to do everything for him. He needs to get going so I don't have to do everything for him.”
 Jack McKeon - “We baby them too much, ... That's why we don't have the Jim Kaats and Don Suttons and Nolan Ryans anymore.”
 Kevin McKeon - “And, of course, smoking is now illegal in a theater. We have the convention of cigarettes. But they don't get lit. Events comes and go so fast the audience probably won't notice.”
 Corey McKeon - “There is a big difference. I wouldn't really call it momentum from the season, because nobody is feeling momentum going into spring ball, but we're all just looking forward to getting on the field. Nobody has been looking at spring ball with a negative attitude, we're all just looking forward to it, and you don't find that a lot, and I think that's a big move for our team.”
 Jack McKeon - “He's just an extra guy. He's a good guy. He has an off-field presence with this club. He has a great attitude and he helps our young guys out.”
 Jack McKeon - “I would assume that, but I can't guarantee that, I don't know. I'd have to see what Louie says and what the trainer says. Right now he didn't think it was anything major, but you never know.”
 Corey McKeon - “We're a step ahead of where we were last spring. People have filled their roles already. That's something that didn't come around until fall camp.”
 Jack McKeon - “You got to pitch and stay ahead of the guys. He got hurt.”
 Kevin McKeon - “If you have money to pay part of it, go ahead and send that in and include that on the form, and then you'll be directed - based on how much has been paid - what you need to pay on a monthly basis.”

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