My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Atherton - “I can't imagine he would have stayed up so late the night before a Test match.”
 Michael Atherton - “Inexperience can be used as an excuse or an opportunity. It is as an excuse that it is most often trotted out England's management ... India, throughout, this series, have used is as an opportunity.”
 Michael Atherton - “Bad luck there, Ricky.”
 Michael Atherton - “He's a very smart bowler, and he plays to the gallery as well which adds to the whole picture,”
 Michael Atherton - “If the England team don't want to experience another hellish week like the one that lies ahead of them now, with only pride at stake, they had better get used to the idea.”
 Michael Atherton - “It's the amount of spin and drift that he gets, plus his accuracy. That's what sets him apart,”