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 Michael Pachter - “Spielberg is a magnet to bring in talent. He will get all of Hollywood to start thinking about video games. Now you've got the guy who's got a guaranteed 300-million box office thinking about it. It's a big plus.”
 Michael Pachter - “After April, we expect monthly next generation software sales to remain fairly stable at around 100 - 150 million through October (representing year-over-year growth of 80 - 130 million), with declines of current generation software sales expected to remain at around 130 - 150 million monthly. We expect relatively flat sales through the summer months, with potentially robust sales in November and December, once next generation consoles from Sony and Nintendo are launched.”
 Michael Pachter - “We think that the decline in overall sales of current-generation software in December indicates the beginning of a trend that will persist well into 2006, and we anticipate double-digit declines in current-generation software sales for the first half of 2006.”
 Michael Pachter - “We expect modest growth in November and dramatic growth in December,”
 Michael Pachter - “If they paid more than 200 million, then I seriously question their judgment.”
 Michael Pachter - “The problem I have with the whole sequel thing is it's not just sequels. It's once we see that World War II combat shooters work, we've got 50 of them. The funny thing is the next year after we saw that, everyone thought, 'If World War II worked, Vietnam would work too.' But all those games were a disaster. Now we've got how many more World War II games coming out”
 Michael Pachter - “It was a perfect storm. One could say it was a bad strategy I would say instead of bad it was a very risky strategy. Essentially, they played blackjack and put a quarter of their money on each hand and busted every time.”
 Michael Pachter - “I guess that is the equivalent of betting 25 of your stack on four hands of blackjack and busting each time.”
 Michael Pachter - “Take-Two has always been a 'trust us' story. We think that Take-Two has become a 'show me' story.”
 Michael Pachter - “I think the SEC is very likely trying to understand what industry practices are and see if these guys have the potential to manipulate earnings.”
 Michael Pachter - “I think the SEC is very likely trying to understand what industry practices are and see if these guys have the potential to manipulate earnings,”
 Michael Pachter - “The question is, How many of those who didn't buy a 360 in December will now wait for the Sony Some will.”
 Michael Pachter - “The year's a mess. None of us thought six months ago the holidays would be so weak, and no one expected there'd be such a dramatic decline in sales for the current-generation of games.”
 Michael Pachter - “We believe that industry sales have been quite weak since Take-Two's late October negative preannouncement, primarily due to consumer malaise and a shortage of Xbox 360 hardware... Given weak November NPD sales and Electronic Arts' and Activision's recent earnings warnings, we believe that Take-Two likely experienced weak sales during the holiday period, as consumers continue to shun current generation games while waiting for next generation consoles.”
 Michael Pachter - “They can manage in a down-3 percent market because they've done it for years, ... That just means mom-and-pop stores are going to disappear.”
 Michael Pachter - “Sony's people have bet the entire future on this, ... It's too important for them to lose, so they will do everything they can to win.”
 Michael Pachter - “The number of units is a manufacturing constraint. You can't start production from zero and ramp to a million a week.”
 Michael Pachter - “The number of units is a manufacturing constraint,”
 Michael Pachter - “There are many, many things that are happening that are not normal.”
 Michael Pachter - “The amount involved is so small, I think they sent a strong negative signal to the market for not a lot of money.”
 Michael Pachter - “One reason they didn't make my number was because they added so much to the reserves.”
 Michael Pachter - “As such, only one in 16 people need to rent an extra movie in the new extended rental period to offset the late-fee loss, and that's not that hard to get, ... When you let people rent for seven days instead of two, the consumer tends to grab the extra movie.”
 Michael Pachter - “We believe that January sales may have been even worse had Microsoft continued its marketing push, and believe that sell through was helped in part by deep discounting of new releases during the month. January marked the fifth consecutive month of software sales decline, and we expect a return to double-digit sales declines in February, with an accelerating rate of decline in March.”
 Michael Pachter - “The earlier movers aren't making a decision between the two.”
 Michael Pachter - “Clever and different and new doesn't necessarily work unless you convince consumers that they really want it.”

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