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 Michael Thompson - “So they found a house, which, by their standards, was inexpensive and turned out to be a better deal financially. They just wanted a place to be comfortable, and they want to get to know people in Oklahoma City.”
 Michael Thompson - “I had nothing but daylight for the first three or four yards almost every time. I'm not that fast guy who is going to juke somebody, but once I'm hit, the good Lord willing, I can usually get a couple more yards.”
 Michael Thompson - “Take Tokyo their prices are three times Shanghai. Look at Hong Kong their prices in the market are twice Shanghai's prices. So there is still tremendous growth potential in this market as it moves to what it will ultimately become, which is the New York of Asia.”
 Michael Thompson - “Even today, the prices in Shanghai are significantly less than any other comparable capital on a global or Asian basis,”
 Michael Thompson - “This is a total shock to me. Why anybody would want to kill this girl is just crazy to me. She was totally cool, she was funny, she was quiet, she didn't cause any trouble.”
 Michael Thompson - “They're making a beeline for the park and all the prairie wildflowers and ornamentals that have been planted there, ... I walk through and see thousands and thousands on the plants. They're especially going to the mint family.”
 Michael Thompson - “Due to the wet winter and spring we have not yet taken to council any fire or firework restrictions this year. I cannot guarantee that if the weather does continue as it has that we won't seek some restrictions later on in the season.”
 Michael Thompson - “We're a lot better this year than the last couple of years,”
 Michael Thompson - “I've worked in gay bars across the U.S. for 20 years, and Peanut is a character in every bar, ... But they're like dinosaurs, you don't see them as often anymore.”
 Michael Thompson - “I went to the post office, the grocery store and the drug store today, and everywhere I went people were talking about it.”
 Michael Thompson - “Humans plant every tree and flower they can, ... They make gardens everywhere.”
 Michael Thompson - “If used appropriately, incentives can make a big difference. If no incentives are provided, participation in a personal health-risk assessment may be less than 10 percent of the population. Employers that have offered significant incentives have seen participation as high as 90 percent.”
 Michael Thompson - “It's the producers who make the lion's share of the profits.”
 Michael Thompson - “The house is just a temporary thing, just a place for them to live while we play in Oklahoma City,”
 Michael Thompson - “None of us are looking to sell our places in New Orleans and buy in Oklahoma City, ... That's not really in anybody's thought process right now. We're all trying to get as comfortable as we can in a short amount of time.”
 Michael Thompson - “I've got a lot of police officers on my staff and they recognize the signs of it. You'd see the entry wound of the bullet and the exit wound, ... So it was obvious that something had taken place other than natural death.”
 Michael Thompson - “For a city or person to claim a right of exclusivity smacks of elitism to me. I refuse to believe a surf icon of the past or any city official for that matter, can truly define a magical culture.”
 Michael Thompson - “Safety has to be a paramount concern for all adults who intend to participate with the use of any permissible fireworks. Handled improperly whether by adults or children under supervision can result in serious consequences for people andor property.”
 Michael Thompson - “Luckily, our children will grow up, mature and develop the skills to make good friendships possible. Even when kids go through serious social upsets, they heal from them.”
 Michael Thompson - “A focus on health is one of the key strategies to reduce health-care costs over time. A culture of health and well-being can reduce the trend in health-care costs over time.”
 Michael Thompson - “It's an ad campaign that speaks not only to where we play right downtown in the heart of Oklahoma City, but ultimately where we hope to be in the hearts of fans in Oklahoma City.”
 Michael Thompson - “Because these executives see a connection between their company health benefit plan, employee health, and workforce productivity, they have a vested interest in maintaining and improving employee health. There also may be a connection between providing healthcare information and improved workforce health.”
 Michael Thompson - “I expect the story to be one of very good earnings. Things really get underway next week (week of April 17), but all signs now are pointing to a first quarter that is better than the historical average of 7 percent earnings growth.”
 Michael Thompson - “It was good to be here to play basketball again, but also to show these guys and the school some support from us. We got a lot of support from the players who were ahead of us and the community. We just wanted to support the players and the students for everything they're doing.”
 Michael Thompson - “I am afraid that people might be complacent to the dangers and perhaps allow children under their care to participate without proper supervision, resulting in possibly devastating consequences.”

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