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 Micky Adams - “Kevin has been nursing a groin strain so that is why he has not featured in the last two games, but he is ready to come back into the squad for Preston.”
 Micky Adams - “There wasn't a lot in it over the two games. We can be proud despite going out.”
 Micky Adams - “Half our problem last season was that we leaked too many goals, so I decided we needed more solidity and leadership at the back,”
 Micky Adams - “He has now regained consciousness. He's being assessed at the hospital. He's got a gash on his head but I haven't been told that anything is broken.”
 Micky Adams - “I think in my heart of hearts that had a big bearing on it,”
 Micky Adams - “I've spent about 20,000 since I became a manager here. I've had about 10 free transfers. If I'd had the resources that Kevin has had, I hope I would have made as good a choice.”
 Micky Adams - “Dennis will offer a lot to our squad both on and off the pitch. He is a committed and determined individual.”
 Micky Adams - “If I could have made four substitutions I would have done at that time.”
 Micky Adams - “Three years is a long time in football and to say my time here has been eventful would be something of an understatement.”
 Micky Adams - “It has been only three years, but after all that has happened it seems like a lifetime.”
 Micky Adams - “People have said to me the acoustics in the stadium work very well, that it's a loud stadium - but the acoustics don't work if nobody's got anything to shout about,”
 Micky Adams - “So that's the responsibility which is on us. We have to give people something to shout about.”
 Micky Adams - “We had a real go. Everyone's done themselves a world of good. We mixed it up, adopting a style of play that suited us more than them. Teams don't like being turned round.”
 Micky Adams - “We asked the fans to get behind the players and I think they came together in that respect. There has been a lot of criticism, but I thought everyone stuck together tonight.”
 Micky Adams - “Duffy will be going back to Portsmouth at the end of the season because he has signed a new contract with them. He got a new and exclusive deal about a month ago, so that suggests to me he will be going back to Pompey where I am sure it will be nice playing in their reserves”
 Micky Adams - “If he continues to play like he has been he would have a compelling case for earning another contract.”
 Micky Adams - “We have beaten off a lot of competition from other clubs to secure Martin's signature.”
 Micky Adams - “I would like to thank those fans who have pledged their support to myself personally and to the club in general,”
 Micky Adams - “Without wishing to prejudge the criminal investigations and our own club investigation, I am deeply concerned about the actions of a minority of my players.”
 Micky Adams - “There has been criticism of me from certain quarters among supporters and I can understand and respect that. It comes with the territory. Perhaps I have taken this club as far as I can and now it is time for the mantle to pass on to someone else.”
 Micky Adams - “It is time for Richard to leave the football club. He is not a qualified coach and I don't know what avenues he wants to pursue. But he has done OK out of his testimonial and, from our point of view, we wish him well as he leaves.”
 Micky Adams - “I'll always offer my support to this club, ... If that means coming down here and marching down Brighton seafront again then that's what I'll do.”
 Micky Adams - “I would like to make it clear that I am continuing as manager of Leicester City,”
 Micky Adams - “All those foreign players will be moaning about the amount of games they have played over Christmas. Richard is 37 and he's played four in a week. He was magnificent.”
 Micky Adams - “I've spent about 20,000 since I became a manager here. I've had about 10 free transfers. If I'd had the resources that Kevin has had, I hope I would have made as good a choice.”

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