My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Clark - “The Park Service is upholding the law and responding to the public, and future generations will be grateful,”
 Mike Clark - “Both keepers were strong and both teams created good chances,”
 Mike Clark - “They were the heart and soul of the team, not necessarily the more talented runners.”
 Mike Clark - “Our team was 31-4 this year, and he had all the numbers to go with it. We're extremely proud that he was named first-team All-state, and to get the most votes and be Player of the Year is certainly an honor he deserved.”
 Mike Clark - “She wrote letters to her husband, asking him for help in having the charges against her dropped so they could resume their life together.”
 Mike Clark - “like an endless journey.”
 Mike Clark - “We've had a successful run here. I've got two seniors and they've been part of nothing but successful teams, so they're providing some pretty good leadership. My juniors are probably the most talented group I've got, I've got five juniors and they're all going to contribute. They've got pretty good attitudes.”
 Mike Clark - “The library program has been extended for another year.”
 Mike Clark - “At some time the lack of breadth in the market is going to come back to haunt people,”
 Mike Clark - “He's improved every week, ... Despite having been a I-AA scholarship player for William and Mary at one time, he's still a kid who had barely played in five years.”
 Mike Clark - “He's waited five years. It didn't come easy.”
 Mike Clark - “We still plan to have the appraisal done and try to keep discussions open with them and at the appropriate time, based on the appraisal, try to initiate, once again, negotiations.”
 Mike Clark - “We wanted to give people a chance to see the country with their own eyes,”
 Mike Clark - “I think it sends a message we are not going to tolerate out-of-town Detroit people coming into the community and selling drugs, ... They think we are an unsophisticated police force. We have to show them we are not.”
 Mike Clark - “Christian County is such an athletic ball club, and they contest every pass. I was really pleased with our poise down the stretch -- we never let them get the game down to one possession.”
 Mike Clark - “She made a statement to the co-defendants that if this didn't get taken care of, she knew somebody else that could take care of her husband and would also take care of them.”
 Mike Clark - “You ... would be able to distinguish natural from artificial radiation.”
 Mike Clark - “Technically, their status is 'university-club.' They pursued us very hard when they found out we had matching open dates. I don't know what's ahead for them, but they looked at us as a team that would help give them credibility.”
 Mike Clark - “The Internets were way ahead of themselves and you've got a difficult valuation model in addition to competing products coming in at a discount,”
 Mike Clark - “Our appointed and elected officials have been unable and unwilling to even sit down together and talk meaningfully about the conflict, much less reach agreement. There is no scientific basis for slaughtering these animals based upon any perceived risk of disease - none.”
 Mike Clark - “We dug in and played smart defense. Adam had a great game in goal and our backs - Craig Regis, John Cohen, Corey Tucketer and Manuel Diepolder - all had great games.”
 Mike Clark - “A lot of offenses don't have a tight end nowadays, which eliminates about 50 percent of the market for a player like Wynn. He gives us a physical presence. At Cave Spring, Will's first move in the double wing was often to the side, but we like his speed and his ability to run downhill.”