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 Mike Martz - “Jeff was a very integral part when we had those good runs here,”
 Mike Martz - “Jeff was a very integral part of the team, obviously, when we had the good runs there in the Super Bowls. He's an outstanding tight end, and he just happens to be a good long snapper, too. But he's here to be a tight end for us.”
 Mike Martz - “You feel really good and then in the course of a couple hours you hit rock bottom.”
 Mike Martz - “It's an outstanding team and especially offensively. I think they are probably as good as anyone in the league on offense.”
 Mike Martz - “It's kind of exciting to see a lot of new faces as head coaches, and it's probably good for coaching to have turnover like that. But when you're one of those guys trying to get one of those jobs it's not exciting.”
 Mike Martz - “We're all excited to have Orlando back and I know he feels good about being back, too. It's a relief to have him here and we're all just very pleased he's here and we can get going.”
 Mike Martz - “That would be unfair to Steve. But if I wanted an open line, isn't that my prerogative as head coach This is all so bizarre.”
 Mike Martz - “What a remarkable man he is and he really deserves to be a head coach in his own right,”
 Mike Martz - “I was going through the calls in my head,”
 Mike Martz - “I think he's probably pretty close to where he was when last season ended, to be honest with you. He's really playing at a high level.”
 Mike Martz - “It would really hurt if this team wasn't going to be in such good hands.”
 Mike Martz - “I have no idea where he is or what he's doing or if he's coming in September or October or November, who knows ... I don't know what to expect. If the kid really wanted to be here, he'd be here. I'm upset with the whole thing.”
 Mike Martz - “I asked our defense to put in a new coverage and they scored two touchdowns on that coverage. I take full responsibility for that. I thought it would help us in the running game.”
 Mike Martz - “Obviously, I wasn't what Mickey was looking for. I thought it was a terrific situation. I was very impressed with their front office and how they do things. And I think (the interview) went very well.”
 Mike Martz - “I'm very excited. This was really the only coordinator's job out there that I thought would be very exciting for me. It'll be fun to see what we can do.”
 Mike Martz - “We thought his foot was out when he touched the ball and that would have given us a first down at the 40.”
 Mike Martz - “Being here was better than I thought it would be. It went very smooth.”
 Mike Martz - “He's had a very good preseason. I thought that particularly in the last two games, he showed up bigger and bigger. We need to have him be that way during the season.”
 Mike Martz - “I was really concerned about throwing it into the end zone and having a ball tipped or bumped. I just wanted to get this thing into overtime. I thought if we got this thing into overtime we could win the game. That's why I did that. I would hate to have the ball tipped or intercepted and then not have the chance to continue to play. I felt that was the right thing to do at that point in the game.”
 Mike Martz - “They've got to have some sort of an award for that. Kurt did a great job. I think he over-acted a little bit. I thought the chin strap was a bit much, but he did a great job.”
 Mike Martz - “I guess on that sack he got hit in the head pretty good. We couldn't figure out why he was having such a hard time getting plays in. ... Right after that sack, he was hearing it, but he wasn't sorting it out. I didn't know what was going on. I thought we had a communication problem.”
 Mike Martz - “At that point in time we were in those, I guess you call them, high pay bands. We just didn't have the money to keep him.”
 Mike Martz - “It could end up being one of the all-time great Super Bowls. I just think Seattle, with that offensive line and that running back, has the edge.”
 Mike Martz - “It's just time to let things settle. I think eventually it will work out. But I'm in no hurry.”
 Mike Martz - “We had a hard time putting the blitz package in because we were losing guys in the secondary all the time. You had both corners out at one time. You had the nickel (back) out at one time. So you can't do that when you have a rotating secondary, because you're going to get mistakes and you're going to get (beaten) by it.”

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