My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Mayer - “It didn't start out real well for them as they were freshman members of a junior varsity team which had its season canceled after two games because of poor numbers. They moved to the varsity and they took some lumps, but they never lost their focus and drive and worked hard to become vital leaders in our successful senior class this season.”
 Mike Mayer - “Coach Smith is a young coach and we hope he will be with us a long time. I know he's going to work hard and do well.”
 Mike Mayer - “I'm pleased with the entire team, but what these freshmen did today was pretty darn impressive. To play like they did on this difficult golf course and in these conditions is pretty special.”
 Mike Mayer - “We need to do the same thing we did today. We need to do the very best we can each and every shot. If we do that, I will be very proud of these guys tomorrow afternoon.”
 Mike Mayer - “Today was a very, very difficult day of golf. It is hard to understand how tough it was if you were not here. We survived the elements, persevered and turned in a tenacious and great day of golf.”
 Mike Mayer - “I also remember when I ran the assembly and packing and we were working with Nintendo. I remember assembling and packing those interactive units and the product that went in there as well. The product just started to fly off the shelves as people realized the incredible experience they could have with the games.”
 Mike Mayer - “The decision is tough, but you have to do what you feel is right for you and your family. We appreciate the job coach Jacobus has done. She has set the bar high for Indian Land volleyball.”
 Mike Mayer - “Sometimes when you get home at night, you realize you have spent more time during the day with somebody else's kids instead of yours. Robbie made the best decision for his family and nobody can fault that.”
 Mike Mayer - “In this game, confidence is a big deal. I think that was the difference.”
 Mike Mayer - “I thought we got off to a rusty start and didn't play solid golf in the first round. It looked like we were trying to get our feet wet on a difficult course where accuracy is a necessity. Once we got comfortable, we really turned it on and had a spectacular second round.”
 Mike Mayer - “A couple of the keys to our success in 75 years are, number one, the people. The great vision everyone here has. When you have that type of atmosphere and that type of thinking, the ability to take risk, you eventually will continue to evolve as you grow.”