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 Mike Scioscia - “If he helps us pitch three or four games and we win, it will keep the bullpen continuity, ... It carries a lot more weight than if he were to pitch one game on Wednesday.”
 Mike Scioscia - “I think if you looked at Jon Garland's chart tonight, I'd be surprised if he missed with a dozen pitches, ... It might have been one of the top couple games we've had pitched against us all year.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Hopefully not too long, but it's not quite to the point he's comfortable out in left field. I want to get his bat in the lineup. It will give us more options if we get him in left field. We'll take it day-to-day. I don't want to put a guy out there if it's a risk at all.”
 Mike Scioscia - “His stamina would be the main thing. We need to see if he can go out and throw 90 pitches. We need him to get us to the point, like any of the starters, to get us to the bullpen. But we have Esteban Yan and we have Kevin Gregg to give us innings if we need.”
 Mike Scioscia - “We'll see how things set up. There are things we're looking at. Certainly we want to give Bart as many starts as we can, and the same with John Lackey.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He didn't get a very good look with the Dodgers.”
 Mike Scioscia - “The only way you can beat Oakland is with good pitching. You've got to match them pitch by pitch.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Vlad has had some stretches occasionally where hits haven't fallen in. But he's the type of hitter that takes one swing to get him locked in seeing the ball again, and he can go crazy. That's a dangerous player, and they have done a good job with him so far.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He's had better at-bats for the last two or three weeks. He's becoming productive. We need Fin. It's good to see him contribute.”
 Mike Scioscia - “That's impressive for a youngster to have that good of at-bat in his first post-season at-bat.”
 Mike Scioscia - “What he has to do now is regain some stamina to become a starter again. He has as good a stuff as anyone.”
 Mike Scioscia - “We were fortunate to get out of the sixth with no damage. Romero did a good job.”
 Mike Scioscia - “We were facing a real potpourri of pitchers, ... Everyone who came in the game made good pitches. All of those guys, they've got some good young arms. Woodyard had good stuff. Fortunately, we got to them late.”
 Mike Scioscia - “To be blunt, we have to stop hanging breaking balls to him.”
 Mike Scioscia - “You can cut the season up in 10 equal parts and analyze any part of it. This is almost a 10th of the season, and we hope this is the worst it gets.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He's had bouts of it over the past couple of weeks. We hope it will only be a couple of days.”
 Mike Scioscia - “That was a great throw. He caught the ball and he got it to second base in a hurry.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Some guys need opportunities. He has worked very hard with his stuff and feels very confident with it. He is at a point now where he understands the importance of location and consistency. He has made great strides.”
 Mike Scioscia - “(Colon's injury) was obviously something we were not expecting, and Ervin is the guy that needed to step in. And he did.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Jeff has had some rough edges but has gotten his feet on the ground. There is not enough of a sample, though, to judge. Whatever happens we will need that defensive presence behind the plate.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Out of the chute, everybody is ready. Jeff is certainly not a finesse pitcher, but he is not going to light up the gun.”
 Mike Scioscia - “They've got a lot of left-handed hitters over there, so we wanted to make sure we had a presence there on the right side of the infield. We need to keep defensive continuity if we're going to win, and Adam was in there for right-side defense. Adam's a terrific defensive second baseman. That's why he was out there tonight and he ends up winning the game with his bat.”
 Mike Scioscia - “(Lackey) wasn't as sharp as we've seen him, ... He threw a lot of pitches early, and then he settled in. I thought he kept his composure, and he pitched. You look at the linescore and see seven scoreless innings and say he breezed, but it wasn't easy.”
 Mike Scioscia - “The ball didn't come down where Figgy thought it would, but it certainly wasn't a routine play.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He stepped up and pitched to his potential at a key time,”

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