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 Jeff Miller - “In the future it will be a day-and-a-half trip,”
 Frank Miller - “When asked Do you foresee any future movie projects you'd be interested in working on, perhaps adapting more of your own works for the screen ... Try and stop me.”
 Eric Miller - “I do think there is a rate cut in the future, but I don't think it's right away,”
 D. Miller - “Higher underwriting revenues, increased mergers and acquisitions fees, growth in trading and merchant banking gains, and increased commission revenues were the factors underlying this excellent performance,”
 Bob Miller - “We've played pretty much everyone on our schedule tough. We lost a lot of close games this season.”
 Alex Riethmiller - “This product could very well be absolutely packed on game days, especially during the first couple of games on March 16 and 17.”
 Paul Miller - “I feel confident with any of my teammates, but that was a big shot. This was one of the most fun games I've played in - in my career. We were riding high, then riding low. It was a great game and we're happy to win it.”
 Andy Miller - “I wasn't an Ohio State player until my final five games and I think that's why they waited to recruit me. Now, I believe that I can be that kind of player.”
 Andre Miller - “The Nuggets may win fewer than 30 games this year, but you won't hear 27-year-old point guard Andre Miller complaining. Anything beats playing for the Clippers. I'm going to look back at last year and say it was the worst place I ever played, ... I look forward to playing with guys who want to get better and want to win.”
 Tim Miller - “It hasn't (sunk in) yet. These two games (including the win over Sparkman) prove how hard it is to win it. That makes it special because of how difficult it is.”
 Tim Miller - “It proves how hard it is to win it all. It was a battle to the end in both games.”
 Tim Miller - “It was one of our worst games. We just shut down after the first couple of innings.”
 Curt Miller - “Despite our two wins, we felt like we were outplayed both games. They had us beat last year both games and let us slip through.”
 Eddie Miller - “In the second half, between turnovers and missing shots we couldn't get anything going offensively. We had 21 turnovers against a 2-3 zone. You can't win playoff games doing that.”
 Dave Miller - “We have lost four of the five games by a total of seven runs. We are definitely competitive, we need to get the bats going consistently.”
 Sean Miller - “I think that, generally speaking, you're on one side of the fence or the other. When I'm out in public, a lot of UC fans tell me they cheer for Xavier, and then I spy on them during games and they're cheering like crazy for UC.”
 Sean Miller - “There are games that are going to be very difficult road games. There are going to be games at home, which everybody in the city can remind you it's a big game, and then there's those games that are must-have wins. And that's what (today's) game is it's a must-have win.”
 Wes Miller - “Marcus and I play the same position, but we don't look at it like that. We're just trying to win games. We both know that we're going to play, and it's not about who plays more minutes.”
 Bruce Miller - “That's as tough an opening four games as you can have. If we can come through that with a couple of wins, I like our chances to have an excellent year.”
 Corky Miller - “I get enough workouts outside of the games. It's more than the games right here in spring training. You can't take for granted what happens during the day. Hopefully, you get enough games. The last two or three games I've come in just catching. There are other guys that need to get work in. I know what my role is.”
 Larry Miller - “I came in prepared for the rest of the year to kind of not have expectations of the outcome of the games -- just to go with what happened. The game itself, especially the second half, was terrific.”
 Ryan Miller - “We've got a schedule where there's four or five games up front that are winnable, ... If we get off to a good start, I think there's a possible, four-five, six wins out there.”
 Heather Miller - “Yeah. We end up playing defensive games.”
 Regina Miller - “Certainly, you don't want it to be one and done. We're in a position where we need to win three games.”
 Regina Miller - “Sherry has come on since her injury. The last couple of games she has started to play more like herself again.”

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