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 Leonard Hamilton - “Last season's over. I wish we could start practice right now. I'm excited about the future and anxious to get started.”
 Leonard Hamilton - “The future is very bright, but this is very painful.”
 Richard Hamilton - “We just want to keep it going, ... Guys here are very energetic. Everybody's pulling for each other. We want to win as many games as possible, and we did a great job tonight.”
 Richard Hamilton - “It was a crazy game, but we didn't panic. We just stayed with it and things started to happen. We've won a lot of games this year. We know the main thing is to get the win.”
 Bruce Hamilton - “Late in the season, we haven't been great at winning these close games. Tamara took over and did a great job.”
 Rip Hamilton - “Man, we've been playing a lot of games. It seems like we haven't had a day of rest, and that probably took a toll on us mentally. We've just been playing so much in the last week or so.”
 Leonard Hamilton - “It was one of those games where we gave them too many unnecessary opportunities. But when they are already shooting the ball as well as they do and they are as patient as they are on offense, and then you give them extra opportunities, therein lies a nice little butt-kicking.”
 Greg Hamilton - “We like our bullpen. We can look, with those pitch counts, at reducing games to our bullpen a little quicker, potentially.”
 Greg Hamilton - “We're going to figure out what we do during the games. We're going to try out some options and see what works best for us.”
 Richard Hamilton - “I call it my 7-footer shot, because if a 7-footer is running at you, then you got to get it over him. I practice that shot all the time before games, in practice, all the time.”
 Richard Hamilton - “Man, we've been playing a lot of games.”
 Bill Hamilton - “He was plainly a genius,”
 Natasha Hamilton - “I'm the happiest girl alive.”
 Tom Hamilton - “There is great pressure to develop on the east side, ... We have to give developers something they can hang their hats on, otherwise it will be very costly and very difficult to get that land back.”
 Leonard Hamilton - “They got 13 offensive rebounds, and if you give a team that many second opportunities in a close game, that's something very difficult to overcome.”
 Leonard Hamilton - “He has shown the potential to come in and give us this type of offensive lift. I told him the other day that he was due for his breakout game.”
 Leonard Hamilton - “When you give them those extra opportunities and they're having one of those nights, therein lies a butt-kicking.”
 Leonard Hamilton - “He's the kind of guy we had to give some cushion because he's a good driver. He's a very good player.”
 Justin Hamilton - “Something's definitely got to give.”
 Kevin Hamilton - “W hat's going to happen in the long term, something's got to give somewhere. What that is, I don't know. I don't have the crystal ball.”
 Leonard Hamilton - “When you give up 16 offensive rebounds, there lies the culprit for us.”
 Leonard Hamilton - “At this point, I don't have any say. Me making speculation right now would only be just that speculation. All we have to do is maintain hope that we've done enough during the season to give us an opportunity to go to the NCAA Tournament. Past that, there is not a whole lot more we can say.”
 Eric Hamilton - “River Road is one of the heaviest biked roads in Saratoga County and we'd ultimately like to give them an alternative route with the same scenic views but minus the traffic.”
 Eric Milton - “I've been trying to give it everything I've got to work hard and turn this thing around, ... I've had some good outings, but they've been overshadowed by the bad ones.”
 Bobby Hamilton - “It's all about egos now. Who's going to quit Who's going to give up You hate to say the season's over for us, but now it's all about finishing strong and letting it carry over next year.”

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