My Favorite Quotes
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 Montae Reagor - “The injury is coming along very well. I've improved greatly. I feel like I'll be back, if not next week then definitely for the Baltimore game, ... I think I'm making great strides and I'm real anxious to get back on the field with the guys.”
 Montae Reagor - “We're still fine we have no doubts about ourselves. We haven't lost any confidence in ourselves. When it's time to turn it on, we'll turn it on and we'll just rock and roll.”
 Montae Reagor - “They don't throw it much they'll throw it 10 times and run it 50. They're running the ball a lot more efficiently than last game.”
 Montae Reagor - “To have your leader back in place is wonderful. He's like our father.”
 Montae Reagor - “We're just very, very, very pleased. To have your leader back in place is wonderful. He's like our father. We respect him that way. We respect him as a man and as a coach and a father figure. We know that he's all of the above.”
 Montae Reagor - “We're just a hungry team. We're trying to prove people wrong. We want to show people we're just not a one-sided team.”
 Montae Reagor - “We've earned the right to be there, so you've got to enjoy the moment in the moment. It's good to see all the media and all the coverage because we've worked hard and it's been a long journey, but it has been fun.”
 Montae Reagor - “They run a very complex, complicated offense and if you make a mistake, they'll make you pay. So we really have to be on the details.”
 Montae Reagor - “The key for any young guy is to come in and learn the system, learn it well and learn the ins and outs of their position. Once they do that, they can enable themselves to play.”
 Montae Reagor - “They're playing very, very well. They're playing fast. They're playing very physical. They're not making many mistakes. They're taken a lot of pride in being very consistent.”
 Montae Reagor - “We will not let down. We don't want to lose. 13-0 doesn't guarantee us anything. We want to keep our rhythm, keep our chemistry. We want to keep on playing until coach says no.”
 Montae Reagor - “We know what we're capable of doing when everybody is full tilt and when everybody is playing.”