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 Jim Mora - “If we sit back and take a look at it, there will be some good things for the future. Maybe not good for this year, but for the future.”
 Jim Mora - “Having a guy like Ike gives you some flexibility, ... We have to decide as a staff what gives us the best combination of players to help us win games. We have to take into account special teams, and Ike is a big part of our special teams package.”
 Jim Mora - “If you talk to Greg or Ed, there is something to that a little bit. Bill is known as a defensive-minded coach, but his influence on their offense is significant as well. So, yes, you get a little more juiced up for games like this. It's nice to have it at home. That is for sure. It will help us.”
 Jim Mora - “He's a Georgia guy and he had an interest in being here. He has fit in very, very well in the locker room. I think the players respect him as a person and a player. He goes out and when he kicks in practice or in games, he just makes his kicks. I think that's what players want to see. They want to see a guy put it through the uprights, and Todd does that.”
 Jim Mora - “Every week they are going to give you some un-scouted looks, ... They are going to give you things that you haven't seen before. They are going to give you different fronts, different blitzes and different coverage concepts. He is very innovative.”
 Jim Mora - “Every week they are going to give you some un-scouted looks. They are going to give you things that you haven't seen before. They are going to give you different fronts, different blitzes and different coverage concepts. He is very innovative.”
 Jim Mora - “He looked good. He's light now. He looks quick, he looks explosive. I saw him deliver some blows to some guys, and he looked like a good runner.”
 Jim Mora - “His ankle felt good and mentally he seemed a little bit more upbeat than he had during the week. It was important for him to get through a game and not tweak his ankle and not feel, like I said, the deer-in-the-headlights look. He was more comfortable playing in that game.”
 Julio Mora - “It feels good to score a goal because it takes the pressure off. I feel safe now.”
 Melvin Mora - “He's nasty. But he just faced good hitters. He pitches like a veteran guy, but the thing is, sometimes you need to know about the other team.”
 Jim Mora - “We're off a little. We're off a hair. When you're off a hair in this league it can look very bad. Very bad.”
 Jim Mora - “I'm proud of the way the young guys fought, especially those hanging on the edge. I was very impressed with the way we ran the ball.”
 Jim Mora - “I still think about things like lining up for the national anthem and having to stand on the 50-yard line like head coaches do,”
 Jim Mora - “It's just not a good fit here. That's the bottom line. It's my hope that he'll go on and be productive with another team.”
 Jim Mora - “I hope that he's OK. I think that he's OK. If he's not, then we will go on. We'll keep playing because there's nothing we can do about it.”
 Jim Mora - “No one wanted to see this. You don't want him to reach the end zone in your house.”
 Jim Mora - “We can't stick him out there and expect him to play 60 plays versus Philadelphia, even if he plays versus Miami. Even if he was 100 percent healthy, had never been hurt, had never had surgery, that's a lot of snaps for a 32-year-old defensive end. It's a lot of snaps for any defensive end. You try to roll those guys through. I think he'll be ready to go. It certainly appears that way right now.”
 Jim Mora - “We would like to see Michael to continue to improve his consistency throwing the ball, and making good decisions on the move, which we think he has so far,”
 Julio Mora - “We continue to see the movement from fixed income to variable income.”
 Linda Mora - “That makes us think the only reason it's in there is so it can eventually be used for accountability. If it is, it would penalize districts who have high populations of English language learners.”
 Jim Mora - “I continue to be impressed with our offense and the way they respond to tough situations. (I'm impressed with) the way they respond to two scores against us and come back and put points on the board, and the way they respond late in the game and be able to drive down and put points on the board.”
 Jim Mora - “It's tough. I'm not going to lie to you. It's very, very tough. Just like every team in this league, we all work hard. We put a lot into it and we've become obsessed with it for months on end. When it ends in a way -- especially when you have high expectations like we did, we do and we always will have -- it's difficult. But that's life, and you have to learn to get over it.”
 Jim Mora - “We're trying to be smart. We're trying to do the right things in terms of using some of our guys. Some ... of the key guys are getting up there in age. So that we get them through the season healthy, we're trying to resist that temptation of just throwing them in there. That's hard to do.”
 Jim Mora - “And not always guys who are household names, ... I mean, Mike Anderson, who would have thought when he joined the league that he would rush for as many yards as he has.”
 Jim Mora - “I know I was feeling it. I thought I was going to throw up.”

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