My Favorite Quotes
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 Muhammad - “Give the laborer his wage before his perspiration be dry”
 DeAundre Muhammad - “A lot of people might look on us right now as a team relying on the three-pointer, but we are just taking what teams give us. We are feeling confident from the outside, and James is doing a good job finding us for open baskets.”
 Muhsin Muhammad - “He's a good player. He's exciting. I think he would definitely add a dimension to the return game. Of course, you want to have high-caliber players on the team, and I'm not sure if the Bears are going to get a guy like that or if they are really chasing a guy like that.”
 Muhsin Muhammad - “When you think about it, he looks like a young Whoopi Goldberg with those braids in his hair, ... But Chris is such a good athlete. He's smart, and he's patient, too. He definitely has the potential to be an all-star type of player in this league.”
 Muhsin Muhammad - “To be honest, I like what I see. We have great potential, but we need to turn the potential into production.”
 DeAundre Muhammad - “We had plenty of time to just work our offense. It was a bit unnerving with them coming back and tying the game, but we were in a rhythm from three.”
 Muhammad - “It's an exciting time for us, ... We're happy for her and she gets to go to a brand new school, as well.”
 Agin Muhammad - “Protesting is really similar to war. If you get the best lick in this time, then you've got to get yours back again and it just goes on and on.”
 DeAundre Muhammad - “All game we just thought about Jermaine and how he wouldn't want it to end like this. We want to take him with us in our minds all the way to a state title.”
 Muhsin Muhammad - “We've had a lot (of trouble) in Carolina. One of the guys is doing a whole lot of time. There's a lot of serious stuff that went on. ... We just put it behind us.”
 Agin Muhammad - “I understand the reactions, but it's not for me to reduce myself to that level.”
 Muhammad - “Do you beat your own wife as you would a slave That must you not do”
 Muhammad - “God enjoins you to treat women well, for they are your mothers, daughters, aunts”
 Muhammad - “Cursed is this world and cursed is all that is in this world, except the remembrance of God and that which aideth thereto”
 Jihad Muhammad - “People were writing us off early, but you have to earn respect. That's what we're trying to do -- earn it.”
 Muhammad - “A coordinated program between all Muslim organizations in North America will help improve the quality of service to provide immediate assistance to the affected people in the region,”
 Muhammad - “He has not addressed the systemic problems that have plagued this city for years, ... Poor people are an afterthought.”
 Clayton Muhammad - “We do new groups, but we have the same old people, and people get burned out and tired. Look up at the podium, and it's the same people who spoke out when Moshe (Rogers) was killed. If they're the same ones up there 20 years from now, they're going to be running these programs from a walker.”
 Agin Muhammad - “We have people who are based in their emotions and so they're hurt. It doesn't hurt me, a fool doesn't hurt me. As far as I'm concerned, me personally, it's like it never happened.”
 Muhammad - “This world is a prison for the Faithful, but a Paradise for unbelievers”
 Muhammad - “He will not enter hell who hath faith equal to a mustard seed in his heart and he will not enter Paradise who hath a single grain of pride, equal to a mustard seed, in his heart”
 Fadel Muhammad - “We predict, there will be a large deficit of corn in the world, and we have the opportunity to cover the deficit as we have a large area for corn planting.”
 Muhsin Muhammad - “This is an exciting time right now for all Bears fans, as well as the coaches and players. We really want to seize this opportunity. When you look at it, it's a three-game season now.”
 Jihad Muhammad - “Every night, you have to bring it. It's the same game, it's just better players out there making plays.”
 Muhammad - “The greatest crimes are to associate another with God, to vex your father and mother, to murder your own species, to commit suicide, and to swear to lie”

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