My Favorite Quotes
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 Prophet Muhammad - “Poverty is my pride.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “The truest words spoken by any poet are those of Labid 'Know that everything is vanity save God.'”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Some poetry is dressed in knowledge and art.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Shall I not inform you of a better act than fasting, alms, and prayers Making peace between one another enmity and malice tear up heavenly rewards by the roots.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “There is no child, a doer of good to his parents, who looketh on them with kindness and affection, but God will grant with every look the rewards for an approved pilgrimage.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “A man is bound to do good to his parents, although they may have injured him.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “He who wisheth to enter Paradise at the best door must please his father and mother.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “A Muslim who mixeth with people and putteth up with their inconveniences, is better than one who doth not mix with them, and bear with patience.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “The best of persons in God's sight is the best amongst his friends and the best of neighbors near God is the best person in his own neighborhood.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “O Lord I make my complaint unto thee, of my feebleness, the vanity of my efforts. I am insignificant in the sight of men, O Thou Most Merciful Lord of the weak Thou aret my Lord Forsake me not. Leave me not a prey to strangers, nor to mine enemies. If Thou art not displeased, I am safe. I seek refuge in the light of Thy countenance, by which all darkness is dispelled, and peace cometh in the Here and Hereafter. Solve Thou my difficulties as it pleaseth Thee. There is no power, no strength, save in Thee.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “O Lord grant to me the love of Thee grant that I love those that love Thee grant that I may do the deed than win Thy love make thy love dearer to me than self, family and wealth.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “When the Messenger of God entered a place of worship he said, 'O God Pardon my sins, and open for me the gates of Thy compassion,' and on leaving he would repeat the same.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Muhammad used to say after making the profession of faith, 'O Lord I supplicate Thee for firmness in faith, and inclination towards the straight path, and for Thine aid in being grateful to Thee, and in adoring Thee in every good way and I supplicate Thee for an innocent heart which shall not incline to wickednes and for a true tongue. I supplicate Thee to guide me to all which Thou knowest to be virtuous and to preserve me from all which Thou knowest to be vicious. I supplicate Thee to forgive me my faults for Thou knowest them all.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “It was said to the Rasul, 'O Messenger of God Curse the infidels.' Muhammad said, 'I am not sent for this nor was I sent but as mercy to mankind.'”
 Prophet Muhammad - “To the light I have attained and in the light I live.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Muhammad slep upon a mat, and got up very marked on the body by it and someone said, 'O Messenger of God If thou hadst ordered me, I would have spread a soft bed for thee.' Lord Muhammad said, 'What business have I with the world I am a man on horseback, who standeth under the shade of a tree, then leaveth it.'”
 Prophet Muhammad - “When the ambassadors of Bani Amir went to Muhammad, they said, 'You are our master.' He said, 'God is your master.' Then they said, 'You are most excellent of the highest degree.' And when He heard this He said, 'Say so, or less, and do not exceed reasonable bounds in praise.'”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Verily my heart is veiled with melancholy and sadness for my followers and verily I ask pardon of God one hundred times daily.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Convey to other persons none of my words, except those ye know of a surety.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “I am no more than man when I order you anything respecting religion, receive it and when I order you anything about the affairs of the world, then I am nothing more than man.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Heaven lieth at the feet of mothers.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “All kinds of modesty are best.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “True modesty is the source of all virtues.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “Whatever mishap may befall you, it is on account of something which you have done.”
 Prophet Muhammad - “'Who is the best man' Muhammad replied, 'He is the best man whose life is long and whose actions are good.' 'Then who is the worst man' 'He whose life is long and whose actions are bad.”

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