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 Ray Nagin - “Get every Greyhound bus in the country and get them moving.”
 Ray Nagin - “My biggest mistake is having a fundamental assumption that ... in the country of the United States, that can move whole fleets of aircraft carriers across the globe in 24 hours -- that my fundamental assumption was to get as many people to safety as possible, and that the cavalry would be coming within two to three days, ... And they didn't come.”
 Ray Nagin - “Thanks to a lot of partners, we are implementing a low cost solution that creates government efficiency and gives citizens free Internet access,”
 Ray Nagin - “We have to convince them to leave, ... It's not safe here.”
 Ray Nagin - “We have to convince them to leave. It's not safe here. There is toxic waste in the water and dead bodies and mosquitoes and gas. ... Fires have been started and we don't have running water.”
 Ray Nagin - “bringing it under control as we speak.”
 Ray Nagin - “I think Congress and the federal government don't fully understand the risk to this jewel of New Orleans, ... They spend billions on the Everglades and on the Big Dig in Boston ... yet our COASTAL EROSION ISSUES ARE REAL, but we haven't had the corresponding investment.”
 Ray Nagin - “Our concern is a storm surge. We really can't take anything more than about a 6 or 7 foot storm surge,”
 Ray Nagin - “It looks as though at this point there's a 50 to 60 percent chance that New Orleans will receive tropical force winds which is probably our biggest concern,”
 Ray Nagin - “We're at a time in our history right now where we can move our state forward as never seen before or we can continue to languish in mediocrity and complacency, ... I choose to move forward and help write this history, not just be part of it.”
 Ray Nagin - “I know we had a little disappointment earlier with some signals we're getting from Washington but the international community may be able to fill the gap.”
 Ray Nagin - “Promoting the return of commerce to New Orleans and the region is key if we are going to realize our common objective to bring New Orleans back,”
 Ray Nagin - “My conscience is clear,”
 Ray Nagin - “What I'm starting to realize is ... that Washington is very skeptical about helping us, ... And it's very clear to me that if we don't start to help ourselves ... we're going to get left behind.”
 Ray Nagin - “You are in a position to create wealth not only for yourself but for your children and your children's children.”
 Ray Nagin - “What I care about is the plan. I dont want anybody outside of New Orleans planning nothing as it relates to how were going to rebuild this city without us signing off on it,”
 Ray Nagin - “And I don't care what people are saying in Uptown or wherever they are. This city will be chocolate at the end of the day.”
 Ray Nagin - “In an address to business owners and contractors during a Back to Business ... How do I ensure that New Orleans is not overrun by Mexican workers”
 Ray Nagin - “As we move forward with rebuilding, we are taking steps to accommodate business while also ensuring public safety,”
 Ray Nagin - “Let's do what it takes to bust through the bureaucracy of the federal government and the state government, ... And let's make sure that these people who are traumatized are better taken care of.”
 Ray Nagin - “We're going to try to deal with this as best we can. We are going to infuse the police department with new blood. We're going to build one of the best departments in the country. That's all we can do.”
 Ray Nagin - “It's a good time to run for mayor because it'll be less poor, less black, less democratic.”
 Ray Nagin - “Next time, a cleansing Katrina-type storm will not leave anything for us to argue about, ... The Bible says, 'If my people, who are called by my name, will turn from their wicked ways, then I, their God in heaven, will hear their pleas and heal their land.' Let's pray and humble ourselves.”
 Ray Nagin - “I think it was awful, ... I was surprised that it happened frankly. I don't know what the gentleman (Davis) did but whatever he did, he did not ... deserve what I saw on tape ... That kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated.”
 Ray Nagin - “We believe our re-entry plan properly balances safety concerns and the needs of our citizens to begin rebuilding their lives,”

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