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 Guru Nanak - “If the ,future husband of a maiden dies after troth verbally plighted, her brother in law shall wed her according to the following rule.”
 Guru Nanak - “He who, recollecting his former existences, again recites the Veda, gains endless bliss by the continual study of the Veda.”
 Guru Nanak - “Through a son he conquers the worlds, through a son s son he obtains immortality, but through his son s grandson he gains the world of the sun.”
 Guru Nanak - “He who uses without permission a carriage, a bed, a seat, a well, a garden or a house belonging to an ,other man , takes upon himself one fourth of ,the owner s guilt.”
 Guru Nanak - “Let him reverentially salute venerable men ,who visit him , give them his own seat, let him sit near them with joined hands and, when they leave, ,accompany them , walking behind them.”
 Guru Nanak - “To the maiden ,sisters the brothers shall severally give ,portions out of their shares, each out of his share one fourth part, those who refuse to give ,it , will become outcasts.”
 Guru Nanak - “A man who crushes clods, tears off grass, or bites his nails, goes soon to perdition, likewise an informer and he who neglects ,the rules of purification.”
 Guru Nanak - “As He pleases, He engages us, such is His glorious greatness.”
 Guru Nanak - “Within his home, he finds the home of his own inner being, the True Guru blesses him with greatness.”
 Guru Nanak - “Preserve me in Your Sanctuary, and bless me with the glorious greatness of the Lord s Name, there is no other Giver as great as You.”
 Guru Nanak - “I offer my prayer to the Perfect Guru, please save me, and bless me with Your glorious greatness.”
 Guru Nanak - “Such is His glorious greatness He Himself causes all to act, no one is a warrior or a coward.”
 Guru Nanak - “A virtuous king must not take for himself the property of a man guilty of mortal sin, but if he takes it out of greed, he is tainted by that guilt ,of the offender .”
 Guru Nanak - “Let him never bathe in tanks belonging to other men, if he bathes ,in such a one , he is tainted by a portion of the guilt of him who made the tank.”
 Guru Nanak - “Though ,by his learning and sanctity he may be entitled to accept presents, let him not attach himself ,too much to that ,habit , for through his accepting ,many presents the divine light in him is soon extinguished.”
 Guru Nanak - “Let him not wrangle, let him not wear a garland over ,his hair . To ride on the back of cows ,or of oxen is anyhow a blamable act.”
 Guru Nanak - “Let him not step on hair, ashes, bones, potsherds, cotton seed or chaff, if he desires long life.”
 Guru Nanak - “Let him never play with dice, nor himself take off his shoes, let him not eat, lying on a bed, nor what has been placed in his hand or on a seat.”
 Guru Nanak - “God is the all powerful Creator, the Cause of causes. He preserves the whole world, reaching out with His hand.”
 Guru Nanak - “Let him not scratch his head with both hands joined, let him not touch it while he is impure, nor bathe without ,submerging it.”
 Guru Nanak - “Let him, though suffering in consequence of his righteousness, never turn his heart to unrighteousness, for he will see the speedy overthrow of unrighteous, wicked men.”
 Guru Nanak - “When the True Guru united me, then I was naturally united with my Husband Lord, and now, I keep Him clasped to my heart.”
 Guru Nanak - “Chanting the Name of the Lord the heart lotus blossoms forth, and through the Name of the Lord, I have obtained the nine treasures.”
 Guru Nanak - “I constantly, lovingly cherish my Beloved within my heart, through the True Guru, I see my Husband Lord.”
 Guru Nanak - “The realm of that king who takes his share in kind, though he does not punish thieves, ,will be disturbed and he ,will lose heaven.”

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