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 Jerry Narron - “I think maybe the worst thing we could have done was put a timetable on it, saying he's going to be back on such-and-such date. All of us were in a hurry to see him activated and that might be part of it.”
 Jerry Narron - “I don't know, but funk or not, I like seeing him out there, ... He's a gamer, plays hurt, has played in a lot of games this year that a lot of guys would not have played.”
 Jerry Narron - “He hasn't done anything to hurt himself.”
 Jerry Narron - “I've told our pitchers that if they throw one away, it won't hurt their chances of making the team.”
 Jerry Narron - “Just watching him out there throwing, it looks like he has a real good idea. It looks like he's going to be a guy that can throw strikes.”
 Jerry Narron - “I like it. I might be the only person, but I do like it. The timing's terrible, but I think it's a great idea.”
 Jerry Narron - “We have a pretty good idea what he can do for us. He did a great job last year. He's just one of those guys who, every year, it will come down to the end of spring training. That's the position he's in. It's the here and now and what's around him.”
 Jerry Narron - “We're just really hoping he continues to improve. The people who saw him this year really feel he has the capability to be an everyday Major League outfielder.”
 Jerry Narron - “There were some scouts from other clubs. They were impressed with how he played the game. The only upsetting thing to me about that is it's somewhat an indictment of our industry that a guy plays the game the right way and plays it hard, stands out.”
 Jerry Narron - “He didn't ask errant questions. He asked intelligent questions.”
 Jerry Narron - “I'm looking forward to seeing him go out there every fifth day. We're very fortunate to have gotten him. He knows what he's doing. He's a very intelligent pitcher. He competes extremely well.”
 Jerry Narron - “Richie knows how to play the game. He's an intelligent player. I like players like Richie.”
 Jerry Narron - “He had the green light to go. Yes, Molina is as good a throwing catcher as you're going to see. But we only had a couple hits. You've got to manufacture something.”
 Jerry Narron - “I've seen Tim Hudson since '99 and I thought Holby might need another day. If Ramirez had been pitching, he would have been in there.”
 Jerry Narron - “No one in the world I thought would catch that ball.”
 Jerry Narron - “Yes, it was (a good run). In the eighth, I thought we were going to win.”
 Jerry Narron - “It was real big. I thought his velocity was better. I thought he kept the ball down much better than he has in the past.”
 Jerry Narron - “I thought he was still pitching well. His pitch count was low and his stuff was still good, and he was throwing strikes.”
 Jerry Narron - “Last night, I'm telling you, I thought we would come back even when we were down 10-2, and everybody on our bench felt the same way. Our guys are very, very positive in the dugout. They really feel like they can score runs.”
 Jerry Narron - “I really hadn't thought about it.”
 Jerry Narron - “I thought Eric threw the ball really well. He pitched seven outstanding innings.”
 Jerry Narron - “Talking to other managers that he's had they like him and think he's a professional. I could tell the first day I talked to him. He said he wasn't worried about the way he was going to be used. Just any way I thought was best.”
 Jerry Narron - “The big thing was just to try and stay close. I know you'll think I'm crazy, but I thought we could win the game Tuesday night, down 10-2. I know our guys are going to score some runs and are not going to quit.”
 Jerry Narron - “He's been swinging well. I thought about putting him up higher. But he's hitting well at sixth or seventh. I really didn't want to mess with it.”
 Jerry Narron - “He's been swinging well. The last couple days, I thought about putting him up higher in the order, but he's been hitting down in the order, sixth or seventh, and I didn't really want to mess with it. If they bring in somebody besides Mark Mulder, the way he's been swinging, I'd like to see him face him.”

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