My Favorite Quotes
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 Benjamin Netanyahu - “comprehensive deal... a package deal in which we can give something and get something.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “if they give, they get”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “This government is not going anywhere. We are not going anywhere. We are staying where the people and history have put us,”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “Corruption is in the government. Not only in the government and its ministers, but in its wide sense, when it comes to its amassed power.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “Certainly we will not be able to sit in a government predicated along these lines.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “Our goal is to be effective, and the only way to be effective is to work with the Israeli government.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “The Lebanese government certainly has the military capability to deploy in the south and to take the necessary steps,”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “If these commitments are taken and honored, the Israeli government will carry out its part,”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “We have not decided on building new settlements but we continue to allow the growth of the existing communities and... that will remain our policy,”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “It's a complete fabrication to link this to any harm to any Islamic sites,”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “The Palestinians have to fulfill all their obligations at each stage and only after that will they receive (land) from us,”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “This is disputed land, not Palestinian, or we claim public ownership.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “All my explanations are in the letter.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “I always lose the election in the polls, and I always win it on election day.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “I'm a proud member of the rabble.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “We are under a constant threat of terrorism,”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “We will say to the victims -- our fathers and mothers who died there 'We remember you. We speak for you,' ... 'In your name we will say to all those who thought they would destroy the Jewish people You did not succeed -- we won.'”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “We call on the Lebanese government to enter negotiations ... this could take some time.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “Time is running out ... We have to act responsibly in a united front.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “The time has come to build here and I will build here.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “If they do it, I cannot tell you how much time we would take, ... The faster they do it, the faster we will redeploy.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “I have one responsibility, and that is to protect the security, the lives of my people, ... I will do whatever is necessary, wherever we think it is necessary, at the time we think it is necessary. We don't preclude any possibilities.”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “Arafat is not doing a damn thing to stop it, and at the same time, he's going to get diplomatic rewards”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “I think it's time to unmask this fraud and tell Arafat what you the United States are telling the Taliban in Afghanistan, 'Surrender terrorism or surrender power,'”
 Benjamin Netanyahu - “I think he's squarely responsible, ... I think it's time to unmask this fraud and tell Arafat what you (the United States) are telling the Taliban in Afghanistan, 'Surrender terrorism or surrender power.'”

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