My Favorite Quotes
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 Nick Mangold - “We're going to be calling them shortly making sure they have the volleyball net set up so we can have our pool volleyball games again. I'll be the first one in the pool.”
 Nick Mangold - “I have no idea. I'd like it if they told us.”
 Nick Mangold - “Being a freshman and never been to a bowl game and getting thrown into the national championship the first one you didn't really understand. As each year passes you realize more and more how special that time was.”
 Nick Mangold - “He's done a great job of holding on to being with the team and being with his wife. It's kept him from going out as much, but it probably a good thing for him.”
 Nick Mangold - “It would have been nice to have at least one other person here so I could mess with someone else other than people I don't know.”
 Nick Mangold - “We didn't make the best of our opportunity. We had turnovers that you can't have, especially as you start driving down the field at the end going in for the tying touchdown. We can't set up our defense so they have to defend against a good offense at the 1-yard line. We can't have that. Those are big things we've got to work on.”
 Nick Mangold - “You see that and you see you're going to have to play for 60 minutes. No matter what your lead might be, they can come back real quickly.”
 Nick Mangold - “A lot more people were aware of A.J. Hawk once he came to Ohio State and they saw him do things like that. But as we went through high school, it was solidified even more that there is something special about him. I think it was a cumulative kind of thing - the way he worked in the weight room, relentlessly pushing himself, and the way he seemed to figure in on every big defensive play.”
 Nick Mangold - “Being the third pick he'll be able to afford a bigger pool house. He may not spend a dime of any money he gets. He's going to have to find a lot of hiding places.”
 Nick Mangold - “He had a cut on his forehead two years ago during preseason camp. The doctor said he needed to slow down for a day or two. They had to hide his helmet so he wouldn't try to go out there.”
 Nick Mangold - “He didn't put anything in the bank. He collected it. It's like living with a person during the Depression. It was all in a safe. Before that, he had it hidden throughout his room. I guess his grandfather does that, that's where he got it from.”
 Nick Mangold - “It taught me about balance and countering another guy's moves.”
 Nick Mangold - “That's kind of one of the pitfalls of the position. You know when you're a young kid going into it that you're not going to get as much attention -- and as much credit -- as the quarterback and the running back. You become used to not being considered the mainstay people.”