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 Bill Parcells - “Everyone needs to have a reliable kicker in the NFL, ... The games are too close. You just have to have one.”
 Bill Parcells - “Both of those games with Washington could have gone either way last year, ... and I'm expecting the same this year.”
 Bill Parcells - “That is the best recourse we have right now, ... He knows the system, and it's not like he hasn't played in any games.”
 Bill Parcells - “We're trying to win as many games as possible, right now, ... That's the goal. To win every game and it's no different. I have my own expectations of this team, and they might have been a little too high. But that's OK. I'm not worried about where we are right now. I know this is a long season. We'll get back to the drawing board here.”
 Bill Parcells - “But I am concerned because next Sunday, if he misses that game, it'll be 11 12 games he's missed out of 24. You got to be a little concerned.”
 Bill Parcells - “The games are too close. You just have to have one.”
 Bill Parcells - “I just hope he can give us a little contribution for four or five games. He's just got to go a month, so maybe we can get him through that.”
 Bill Parcells - “It's not what one guy can't do and what one guy can do, ... It's more of 'How do you get a little bit out of both of them.' That is really what I am trying to do. There is no point giving one guy 70 plays and 15 special teams plays when you can take 20 away from him and give them to somebody else. Usually your performance is better if you do that.”
 Bill Parcells - “Give him a message for me, ... Tell him I wasn't worried about the Padres, but if he needs someone to hit fifth the rest of the way, let me know.”
 Bill Parcells - “I see a little progress, ... So as long as I keep seeing that, then I'm willing to give him everything I've got.”
 Bill Parcells - “I am not too lavish with praise on players, as you know. Terry is a good player. He can catch the ball. He has a combination of hands, quickness and speed, all three of the critical factors for a receiver.”
 Bill Parcells - “He's a good player, that kid. I'm sure he was trying to put a little pressure on his team to respond positively.”
 Bill Parcells - “I'm not overly proud of 9-7. I'm really not. It really wasn't a good performance. It was one of those where you don't have much good to say. I'm just disappointed.”
 Bill Parcells - “We had talked about Pile quite a bit a couple weeks ago, ... What we know about him is he's got pretty good range and he's very smart.”
 Bill Parcells - “It doesn't look good for Jones. I'm hopeful we'll get over this. I think that's why we're having a tendency to not really push it, because I don't want him to have a reoccurrence and have him be out for the rest of the year.”
 Bill Parcells - “I think he's got good potential, but he needs a lot of work.”
 Bill Parcells - “I'm glad we were able to win this last one. I saw some good things tonight, ... It's just preseason, but we ran the ball good. I'm happy about that, and the first-team offense was pretty sharp.”
 Bill Parcells - “These kind of losses are big when you think you have the game in hand. Those kind of losses can carry over if you let them.”
 Bill Parcells - “You have a dominant hand, you just don't know it yet. That's true. Dominant hand, dominant eye. We all have it.”
 Bill Parcells - “I don't think the young guys have any what the Redskins-Cowboys mean, ... I don't think they do. They're going to have to find that one out first-hand as well.”
 Bill Parcells - “He was one of my best friends. . . . Those are the people you can count on the fingers of one hand.”
 Bill Parcells - “I just hate sloppy play, and we were fortunate to win. I don't know whether they deserved to win any more than us, but we certainly did a lot to hurt our chances.”
 Bill Parcells - “Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells said Wednesday he was unsure whether newly-acquired wide receiver Peerless Price would be ready to contribute this week in San Diego. Price has been staying late after practice, working with receivers coach Todd Haley in trying to learn the new offense. We're trying to get him up to speed, ... I don't know if we can do that by this week. We'll see.”
 Bill Parcells - “Just to see him after the game, I was kind of going up the tunnel with him and put my arm around him and kind of squeezed his head a little bit, you know, just so he knows that I knew, hey, you did a good job. I said, 'Hey, that's my guy right there.' That makes him feel good.”
 Bill Parcells - “The only thing I didn't know was where his heart is, ... You don't know when you haven't been around a guy for a while.”

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