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 Kim Parker - “I was expecting to sit out a year, ... It definitely was harder to come in and get thrown into the mix like that. It definitely showed the first couple of games.”
 Tony Parker - “We can't have bad endings of games because against Detroit or good teams, it can hurt us.”
 Jack Parker - “I think we'll get a boost out of beating BC in the Hockey East final. We usually get a boost out of beating BC anyway, but psychologically having garnered a bit of hardware already this year is nice for them. But it's all about winning championships, and the Northeast Regional is the only one that's in reach now. Two games to win another championship, but it will be a battle to get through this field, that's for sure.”
 Candace Parker - “We're the only team ever to be part of a coach winning 900 games.”
 Tony Parker - “I was very, very motivated. I felt like I owed my teammates because I played so bad two nights ago. It was just one of those games. Nothing went my way. So I watched some film with (Popovich) to see what I could do better.”
 Jeff Parker - “They came out and played us tough, but we expected that. As a coach, I hate these tight games, but they responded and they're still growing as a team.”
 Jeff Parker - “But we've been in tough games, and these kids are mentally tough.”
 Rob Parker - “That's one of the best defensive games we've had all year. The girls really put the clamps down on them good. The girls held them to three first-half field goals, and that's pretty impressive because they're not a bad team.”
 David Parker - “This year, there will be more North Island thermal generation and less South Island hydro. But I am informed that there is a low probability of the situation becoming dire this year. So while it's possible, it's unlikely.”
 Matt Parker - “These past four projects represent over 300 new jobs in our area and well over 20 million in capital investment, so thank you, gentlemen, for all your help clapping.”
 Sarah Parker - “When a relationship dies do we ever really give up the ghost or are we forever haunted by the spirits of relationships past.”
 Mike Parker - “Taylor has just improved so much. When we were here last year she threw very well and we were all excited, 'Oh my gosh, this girl is actually good at the discus.' Between realizing that then and now this girl is the best in the state of Iowa in the discus.”
 Linda Parker - “I also plan to volunteer for the Red Cross to give back what they gave to me.”
 Willie Parker - “I probably should give him a fourth of my yards because of what he's done for me.”
 John Parker - “Those are going to take major dollars (to repair) that the legislature did not give to us this last term,”
 Christine Parker - “We'll have thousands of prizes to give away.”
 Bob Parker - “This is a major move for both of us. We've been discussing ways Encore can give AMD a big edge in the tradeshow, conferencing, and meeting venues for about three months. We're excited to get the green light.”
 John Parker - “U-32 controlled the game in the first half. We did a good job of possessing in the second half. We scored three late goals, but couldn't get one more before they did.”
 Jack Parker - “They were trying to be too clever, they were worried about getting goals. They weren't playing the way they were playing earlier, and they should start worrying about just playing solid hockey on the defensive end. Play hard, and the puck will go in the net for you.”
 Mike Parker - “That's the sixth-best in the United States. She's getting to be where she wants to be. Forty-seven takes her to her new goals.”
 Timothy Parker - “We're fortunate that we've been able to build a fan base brick by brick. We never got the gold or platinum record. But through touring and just putting out music our fan base has gotten stronger and stronger to where it's sustaining (itself) without that big pop hit.”
 Ron Parker - “It's good for everyone and we're glad it's over.”
 Jean Parker - “I think it's been a good thing for kids. It exposes them to outdoor things that not all kids might get to try. It's fun to see the girls fishing.”
 Stephanie Parker - “It's good because you get two different points of view on stroke technique or stuff like that.”
 Dorothy Rothschild Parker - “That would be a good thing for them to carve on my tombstone Wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment”

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