My Favorite Quotes
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 Patricia Watkins - “It was like a split second. I turned my head back to the field and he was in the end zone.”
 Patricia Watkins - “I had no idea he was going to choose Clemson. I thought he would choose Florida.”
 Patricia Watkins - “When he says he doesn't know, it's the honest-to-God truth.”
 Patricia Watkins - “The district will be very sad, and I personally will be sad, to see a person leave whos done such a tremendous job for the district for years and years,”
 Patricia Watkins - “I think that people have been responsive to it because the crime rate has been so bad,”
 Patricia Watkins - “I tried to convince him to stay, but I understand his reasons and I support his decision. The doors are open if he ever wants to return.”
 Patricia Watkins - “If he chooses to go to California or Clemson, I have to support him 110 percent.”