My Favorite Quotes
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 Nancy Pelosi - “must consider our future in Iraq.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “President Bush has yet to give the American people a long-term, comprehensive strategy that will protect them from terrorist attacks,”
 Daniel Pelosi - “I think it is a very good motion. The only reason I'm withdrawing it is because there is no bail.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “This isn't about small government. This is about small-minded, petty government that does not meet the needs of the American people.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “We had hoped to hear some new ideas for promoting economic growth, but unfortunately we heard the same tired proposals we have heard before.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “This is not a satisfactory response. Let's not call it that, ... It's an insult to the people who are in hospitals. Doctors and health professionals, nurses and the rest who are making enormous sacrifices need it to be much more done sooner.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “The history of this administration's handling of federal contracts is one of persistent and costly mismanagement,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “By bringing hope to the sick and disabled with the miraculous potential of stem cell research, she has helped to continue the mending and renewing of the world that is possible through science.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Trojan horse to wheel in some tax breaks for the high-end that they're so fond of.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “dishonor to the House.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “It is about the integrity of the House, of upholding a high ethical standard.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “I support an independent commission, not a sham investigation by the Republicans in the House of Representatives,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “We intend to do it on the first day we take over the House of Representatives.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “We have to remember the impact this has had on individual investors,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Instead of debating the substance of the Republican fast-track proposal, the president has chosen to question the integrity of the Democratic members who oppose it. Any president who resorts to this tactic, I believe, diminishes the great office he holds.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “Using Hurricane Katrina as their excuses the Republicans are again pushing their special interest agenda,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “America must be a light to the world, not just a missile.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “The president led us into the Iraq war on the basis of unproven assertions without evidence he embraced a radical doctrine of pre-emptive war unprecedented in our history and he failed to build a true international coalition.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “It makes no sense to consider such a bill at a time when the massive needs of those affected by Hurricane Katrina are still being assessed.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “He said it was part of movement ... because it could have an impact on election time.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “What could possibly have possessed Secretary Bennett to say those words, especially at this time ... What could he possibly have been thinking This is what is so alarming about his words.”
 Nancy Pelosi - “I didn't hear anything today that outweighed other concerns -- questions that need to be answered,”
 Nancy Pelosi - “The Endangered Species Act is a safety net for wildlife, fish and plants that are on the brink of extinction, ... It really comes as no surprise that (Republicans) would bring a bill today that would shred the safety net.”
 Daniel Pelosi - “I'm ready to go to trial.”
 Daniel Pelosi - “I am an innocent man. I'm ready to go to trial, your honor.”

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