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 Shimon Peres - “I think it would be illogical, or I would even say insane for them to continue along the extremist line they have been following until today.”
 Shimon Peres - “Another Palestinian official called the cease-fire declaration a trick, ... I invite the Palestinians to use the same trick.”
 Shimon Peres - “We don't intend to extend settlements, as I have said, and how to stop natural growth is a very difficult definition. I can hardly understand what it is. But I think this is a bridgeable position and I do not believe this should serve as a reason for introducing doubts and the value and the need to do it immediately. I think the alarm clock started to click again and we shouldn't fall asleep.”
 Shimon Peres - “I understand that this is a battle for power, but I am convinced that if Netanyahu is elected, he will be as he was before previous elections, ... He was in favor of the Oslo Accords, and he shook Arafat's hand.”
 Shimon Peres - “It looks like there was an organized attempt of terror and violence, and I think it is tragic. It leads nowhere,”
 Shimon Peres - “aimed at bringing about a cessation of terror and violence and as such creating the necessary groundwork for the renewal of political negotiations.”
 Shimon Peres - “Israel and the Palestinians must resume negotiations and stop the violence, ... Both must be done simultaneously -- it is very urgent.”
 Shimon Peres - “I wasn't taken by this definition, but I think his relevance to this situation depends upon the implementation of these declarations and that we should wait and see,”
 Shimon Peres - “A man that combines moral foundations with intellectual talents. And serves a cause. He becomes uninteresting the minute he becomes self-concerned. Then it's a waste of greatness not greatness.”
 Shimon Peres - “you cannot shoot and negotiate at the same time because shooting and talking is like fire and water.”
 Shimon Peres - “The problem today is not if but when, ... and if they think we wait, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will change, and if he will change, it ... will be for the worse he will have more weapons.”
 Shimon Peres - “There was one occasion when I was very young - eight years or seven years old - that Jewish businessmen went through the forest, and they were assassinated. And that was for the first time I saw in our paper where there were assassinations in our place.”
 Shimon Peres - “Some of the issues will be simply too difficult to overcome with such speed, ... I believe that at this point in time two years should suffice for the negotiators to get there.”
 Shimon Peres - “we would have left the Gaza Strip ten years ago.”
 Shimon Peres - “There were yesterday Monday some incidents, ... I hope that they will remain isolated and the attempt to continue the cease-fire will be extended and continued by all parties.”
 Shimon Peres - “He was the editor of our paper. He created the publishing house in Hebrew. He was - I wouldn't say the guru - but really he was our teacher and a most respected man. I wrote for the paper of the youth movement.”
 Shimon Peres - “After my activities in the youth movement I returned to the kibbutz, but at that time, the party was already split between young and old.”
 Shimon Peres - “The petition was unnecessary and vengeful, it shamed Labor and it embarrassed the party's members. The people who filed the petition should be indicted for breach of trust, for the forgeries in the voter registration drive, the irregularities in the Labor primary and for failure to take responsibility for the great damage that has been done to the party.”
 Shimon Peres - “We understand perfectly well that without an inflow of people and goods within Gaza or outside Gaza, Gaza will not be able to exist,”
 Shimon Peres - “Labor has a first-rate team, ... I will be happy to be the first among equals, to bring people closer together. If Labor's people are as united as Labor's ideology, there is a good chance of winning the general elections. I'm not a man of 'me, me, me,' but a man of 'we.'”
 Shimon Peres - “We are going to take steps...immediate, unconditional steps -- to facilitate the life of the people in the territories in every possible way.”
 Shimon Peres - “Do what you promised. Do what you have to do, not for Israel, but for your own people.”
 Shimon Peres - “people who are innocent.”
 Shimon Peres - “We are not making Gaza into a prison, people will be able to leave Gaza and enter Gaza, and within Gaza the roads will be open, ... Obviously, in all these cases we shall attend to Israel's security needs.”
 Shimon Peres - “For the first time in the history of the Palestinian people, they are being given the chance to rule completely a territory with defined borders,”

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