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 Shimon Peres - “Gaza from now on is the problem of the Palestinians, not Israel, ... They have tens of thousands of security men with guns on the payroll. They must get organized one people, one voice, one gun.”
 Shimon Peres - “With the religious you can hardly negotiate. They think they have supreme permission to kill people and go to war.”
 Shimon Peres - “Now, I learned soon enough, that among the three, two don't trust the third one - the third one is the government. Both industry and unions feel the government is a talking organization and a spending organization.”
 Shimon Peres - “A revolution is needed in the thinking on the state budget. Investments must be made in the Negev, Galilee and Jerusalem in order to save them.”
 Shimon Peres - “an attempt to bring an end to the government of one of the most terrible persons of our time, Saddam Hussein. ... And we think and know that he is on his way to acquire a nuclear option then it will be terrible.”
 Shimon Peres - “We never said that we would introduce nuclear weapons. Israel repeatedly declared that we are never going to introduce nuclear weapons - Israel has never made any test of nuclear weapons and we are very careful about it.”
 Shimon Peres - “promoting fear in the nation.”
 Shimon Peres - “offers nothing but killing and hate and murder.”
 Shimon Peres - “I have a brother younger than me. My mother was a librarian, so from her, I got the taste to read.”
 Shimon Peres - “Who in the world will pay money (in international aid) or help the Palestinians if terrorism rules in the Gaza Strip”
 Shimon Peres - “The occupation of the Gaza Strip was an historic mistake,”
 Shimon Peres - “When you say there is no partner, then only one partner is left the terrorists. This is a mistake of the first order.”
 Shimon Peres - “I see an opportunity that we must not miss. I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself if I hadn't, because of political party considerations or inconvenience, lent a hand to the move ... Sharon is leading.”
 Shimon Peres - “I see an opportunity that we must not miss.”
 Shimon Peres - “I think the better way to fight terrorism is through diplomatic channels with the help of the military,”
 Shimon Peres - “He didn't depart from his final positions. He must remember that a negotiation doesn't mean we are going to meet 100 percent of what he wants as we don't expect the Palestinians to meet 100 percent of what we want, ... This is a declaration about the Palestinian 100 percent -- what we need is a declaration about the middle, between the two positions.”
 Shimon Peres - “unjustifiable escalation that could endanger the Middle East region.”
 Shimon Peres - “In our view, the meetings can start between our security officials and theirs, in order to carry out the first stage of the Mitchell report,”
 Shimon Peres - “I don't know if it has any chance of success. But it is something we must say. I don't think it is a matter of what one thinks is worthwhile or not. This is intolerable,”
 Shimon Peres - “Nobody knows, but I would say a matter of years.”
 Shimon Peres - “For us it really is a matter of to be or not to be. It is not a simple scope. And everyone that knows Israel knows that Israel is so far from being aggressive.”
 Edison Peres - “This is the opportunity for the specialized voice or data partners to brand themselves as a Master in those technologies. We'll be adding new Master categories over time.”
 Shimon Peres - “It is illogical that in a number of villages, in which I know I had a majority, we dropped to seven votes. I expected a better evening.”
 Shimon Peres - “This is the first time in the annals of Palestine that they will be completely in charge of their land. We wish them luck. Their betterment is in our interest. Their joy is not my pain.”
 Shimon Peres - “ Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres told CNN the Israeli actions were a message to Arafat. In many ways, this is more of a warning than a military operation. It is a warning to Arafat, telling him 'Take the situation into your own hands and respond to the real problems,' ... Larry King Live.”

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