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 Shimon Peres - “With words it is possible to achieve a lot more than with explosions and it is our desire to bring the current conflict to an end, ... The solution is the reconciliation between two nations.”
 Shimon Peres - “While fighting terrorism, you should have a political horizon and conduct a dialogue,”
 Shimon Peres - “areas where there is a concentration of suicide terrorists.”
 Shimon Peres - “a concentration of people who are planning attacks in Israel.”
 Shimon Peres - “Many Syrians understand that the only option that exists is the option of peace, which means the option of compromise, ... Nobody can have 100 percent of his desires. He must compromise.”
 Shimon Peres - “I thought if I should be a colonel or a general, there would always be somebody above me, but if I should be a soldier, nobody will command me.”
 Shimon Peres - “We must submit a clear-cut request to the UN secretary general and the Security Council to obtain Iran's expulsion from the United Nations,”
 Shimon Peres - “What should be the future of Israel Is the land the most important choice, and for that reason to keep the whole of the land at any cost, or to have a partition and build the Jewish state on part of the land And the other part”
 Shimon Peres - “The crisis today looks very serious, maybe the solution is very near as well. We want to lower the flames of tension and fire in the Middle East. We want to do whatever we can so that the United States can build a coalition of her own needs and choice.”
 Shimon Peres - “I'm sure that history will justify our choice.”
 Shimon Peres - “The Palestinians must demonstrate they are capable of controlling Gaza. If they do not demonstrate that, it will be very difficult to resume the negotiations,”
 Shimon Peres - “The campaign against Saddam Hussein is a must. Inspections and inspectors are good for decent people, but dishonest people can overcome easily inspections and inspectors.”
 Shimon Peres - “We see in the United States the leader of this campaign, and we shall not do anything that may frustrate or endanger the campaign itself ... We feel part and parcel of this campaign, and, if it should be asked, everything will be considered, seriously and positively.”
 Shimon Peres - “By and large it is a time of decision, ... It is a cabinet that is ready to decide. It is a cabinet that knows not only the price that it should have to pay historically, but the price that it should have to pay politically.”
 Shimon Peres - “Well, textiles are out of business, people are going for high-tech today. But the textile business achieved its basic aim as a deterrent.”
 Shimon Peres - “Well, textiles are out of business, people are going for high-tech today, ... But the textile business achieved its basic aim as a deterrent.”
 Shimon Peres - “I think with effort and patience it is possible to bridge (the gaps),”
 Shimon Peres - “They are not as courageous or brave as you think. They are cowards and if they will see strength, they will retreat, ... The minute you appear determined and strong, you will win.”
 Shimon Peres - “That was my first lesson from Ben-Gurion. Then I saw him making peace, and I saw him making war. He mobilized me before the war. The man was a very rare combination between a real intellectual and a born leader. There is a contradiction between the two.”
 Shimon Peres - “In the new age we must be open, competitive, transparent, keep your decency, ... The Jewish people were not born to occupy the land of other people, it goes against everything we stand for.”
 Shimon Peres - “He restored the Bible to its people, he restored the people to the Bible.”
 Shimon Peres - “I believe Sadat was an outstanding statesman, and Mister Begin raised to the occasion, and President Carter did an outstanding job -- worked hard day in and day out to overcome differences.”
 Shimon Peres - “I think I was a good student, because I jumped over a school. My main interest was basically history and literature. Sports were basically basketball and swimming at a pool. I was so happy.”
 Shimon Peres - “It is unacceptable under any circumstances to isolate northern Samaria (West bank). It is against all promises made by Israel,”
 Shimon Peres - “I think the year must be devoted not for politics but for policies, mainly to implement the disengagement, the withdrawal from Gaza, and the dismantling of the settlements in Gaza and in the northern part of Samaria the northern West Bank.”

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