My Favorite Quotes
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 Pervez Musharraf - “Ladies and gentlemen, history has been made,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Mosques are being misused for propagating and inciting hatred against each other's sect and beliefs and against the Government, too.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “The government of India has organized such farcical elections in the past as well. These so-called elections have invariably been rigged and have always been boycotted by the Kashmiri people,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I don't know how they get that information, ... The Pakistan government has absolutely no involvement in this operation.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We express our gratitude to him and we have accepted the Indian aid in certain form and have informed them.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “India and Pakistan should not remain trapped by hate and history”
 Pervez Musharraf - “heart of Pakistan-India tension.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Although (Khan) has made some mistakes for which I am regretful, he is our national hero so I grant Dr Khan pardon,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We would also like to assure our brothers and sisters in Kashmir that, at this critical juncture in their history, they have the full moral, diplomatic and political support of Pakistan,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “History has been made, ... This is a beginning. This statement is not an end in itself, obviously, but a good beginning has been made.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Pakistan stands with India,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We must not let down the people of India and Pakistan, the people of the region, and the world,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “The talks have been held now. I want to tell you that in July or August, or God willing, in May or June, the next secretary-level talks will be held, immediately after the elections in India,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Pakistan desires to establish tension free and good neighborly relations with India.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We have repeatedly said that Pakistan wants tension-free relations with India and for that purpose desires to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir dispute and all other outstanding issues through peaceful means,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “For m ore than half a century, the Kashmir dispute has cast a shadow on relations between Pakistan and India,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “If India agrees, we would like to work out the formalities.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I am for demilitarization (in Kashmir). If they (India) agree to that, we will too,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “For this to happen, it is essential to find a just solution to the problems of Jammu-Kashmir acceptable to Pakistan, India and, above all, the people of Kashmir.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “India remains committed to the establishment of good neighborly relations which will contribute to the welfare of the peoples of the two countries,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Never have Pakistan and India sat down toward resolving the Kashmir dispute,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “The possibility of a gas pipeline via Pakistan to India was also discussed,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “would not be good for India.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “When you talk only of bin Laden, frankly, the issue is not going and locating one individual,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I do not think he can influence, because he is on the run, hiding,”

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