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 Peter Laviolette - “Ultimately, it's about production on the ice. But what's been so great about Marty is he has a great, workmanlike mentality. He's very professional. He wants to play, he'd play all the games if he could.”
 Peter Laviolette - “The U.S. team played very hard, but there's still more for us to give, more for us to do. It was a terrific hockey game. We had a lot of scoring opportunities.”
 Peter Laviolette - “The Slovakian team played very well. The U.S. team played very hard. There's still more for us to give and more for us to do.”
 Peter Laviolette - “You hear me say 'Offense, offense, offense,' but we didn't score many goals in 2003-04 and we've got to fix the problem, ... But we want to be a good defensive team, too. It's important to have a good mix.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I can tell you that when we take the ice, our goal will not be to do well in this tournament. We will as a group be focused on one thing and one thing only, and that's winning a gold medal.”
 Peter Laviolette - “The expectations should be to come over and win a gold medal.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We have a lot of different kind of guys in the locker room, but not a lot of guys who are 6-4 and as tough to move as Joe. He's a big guy who really protects that puck, and he's tough to get off of it. He's a skill player, so he should be a good addition.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I felt like it was not going anywhere. They were clearly on top of their game, and we were clearly sitting back on our heels. We needed to get going before this got too far out of hand.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I'm sure the league will follow up on it. I just think people who have a history of putting other players in the league in vulnerable situations, there's no room for that. There's no room for (risking) somebody's well-being.”
 Peter Laviolette - “People who have a history of hitting other players in the league who are in vulnerable situations, there's no room for that. He clearly could have let up on the hit, and he decided not to.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We got lulled into a game that was not our brand of hockey. Then we kicked in, and we played Carolina Hurricanes hockey in the third period.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I don't think that they're down. We just remain confident that we're going to win a hockey game.”
 Peter Laviolette - “There's nothing to say you're going to win a hockey game just because you're better on paper. I think the Swiss proved that.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We're not here to lose in overtime, we're here to win hockey games.”
 Peter Laviolette - “Nobody wants a Game 7. We want to get back to playing tighter hockey and play a clean game.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We're not here to lose in overtime, we're here to win hockey games. They had a little more bite for the puck than we did. That's a big team. They've got some big players.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We need to play a sharper game if we are going to have success against Philadelphia. We're not here to lose in overtime, we're here to win hockey games.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I would hope we come out the way we did tonight, with a sense of urgency and put the foot on the gas and be the best team in the league.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I saw what happened...it was not a clean hit. You know what - people who constantly hit people from behind should be made an example of by the league. Somebody is going to get hurt. Hopefully, our guy is not severely hurt, but it is not sounding good.”
 Peter Laviolette - “That hurt us. We had a lot of quality chances to score, but (Hasek) made some big saves. We got beat by him.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We'll keep working on the things we need to work on -- specialty teams, the penalty kill, the power play, keep working on the system. But we need to take a day to get a break here.”
 Peter Laviolette - “Every single person in the locker room misses him. We've got to stay positive that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”
 Peter Laviolette - “The game wasn't quite like the last four games, where we seemed like we were in a huge hole. It was a good back-and-forth game. I thought it had a good pace, and I thought in the third period we started to play a little bit more our style of hockey.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought the first practice was good, ... It slows down a little because we're learning our system.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought he played a super game.”

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