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 Phil Angelides - “The controller and the governor should join me in putting a halt to new financing until new air and water standards are in place.”
 Phil Angelides - “There's no question we're in worse shape fiscally than when this governor took over,”
 Phil Angelides - “has come down on the wrong side of history.”
 Phil Angelides - “This is the kind of self-serving manipulation that undermines the faith and confidence of ordinary working Californians, ... There is simply no justification for these excessive payouts.”
 Phil Angelides - “The program has trailed the benchmarks, but we have made a number of changes and the performance has improved, ... People have to look at this as a long-term endeavor.”
 Phil Angelides - “This measure would reduce funding for classrooms and transportation, but this is no surprise, ... The Republicans have been on a crusade to limit public investments in things that will help people and communities.”
 Phil Angelides - “By any measure, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a failed governor, a photo-op politician who has left a long trail of shattered promises and missed opportunities,”
 Phil Angelides - “the governor's spending initiative would, over time, make it more difficult to invest in education and transportation and, in fact, would end up, perhaps, taking substantial monies from local governments, who were promised last year that they would remain free from raids by the state.”
 Phil Angelides - “Our inner-city neighborhoods have been written off as places of great risks, but they are also places of great opportunities and great possibilities,”
 Phil Angelides - “Our urban neighborhoods were being overlooked by traditional investors. Too often these inner-city markets were being written off as places of risk, ... The private markets and private capital shunned these areas.”
 Phil Angelides - “Proposition 75 is the crown jewel of the Bush-Schwarzenegger agenda, straight out of the (Bush adviser) Karl Rove playbook. This is what's important in this election. Everything else is just a mask, ... It's unfair, not right -- and we'll defeat it when the people understand the governor is for it.”
 Phil Angelides - “California's level of debt is far greater than when the governor took office 23 months ago. And the state is facing deficits as far as the eye can see,”
 Phil Angelides - “I think voters are seeing each and every day that this governor just doesn't have the competence and the credibility to govern.”
 Phil Angelides - “It defies common environmental sense,”
 Phil Angelides - “This is especially egregious because at the very time when these HMO executives are getting these huge paydays - whether or not the merger does well for shareholders or consumers - 6 million Californians have no health insurance and millions of working families are just struggling to pay their health care premiums,”
 Phil Angelides - “If you care about the markets -- if you care about the sanctity of the marketplace and transparency -- Dick Grasso should resign and revise the pay package,”
 Phil Angelides - “This is really what they're after. Everything else is a mask, ... What Governor Schwarzenegger wants to do is he wants to make it almost impossible for working men and women to participate in the politics of our state while his large, corporate, special-interest friends go unfettered and can line his campaign coffers with tens of millions of dollars.”
 Phil Angelides - “From the day Arnold Schwarzenegger came into office he's done the wrong things for California, ... He heaped debt on our kids, turned young people away from college and favored wealthy special interests over working people at every turn.”
 Phil Angelides - “I am honored to have earned the support of Senator Feinstein, ... In 1992 we made history together, and I look forward to once again working with Senator Feinstein to build a California of economic prosperity, fairness and broad opportunity.”
 Phil Angelides - “The Bush panel's recommendations are a double-barreled blast aimed squarely at California and the middle class, ... These recommendations are good for Texas, but bad for California.”
 Phil Angelides - “I would be remiss as treasurer if I did not speak out. This is an annually required report. The facts are hard and, unfortunately, not good for the people of California,”
 Phil Angelides - “He has been less than truthful with the people of California about what it's going to take to restore fiscal integrity and get the economy going, ... I'm going to fight for what I think is right for rebuilding this economy. I will give no quarter in that respect.”
 Phil Angelides - “California better hope he's not in it for the long-run, ... From Day 1, I stood up to Arnold Schwarzenegger because I thought he was doing the wrong things to California. I'm looking forward to this race.”
 Phil Angelides - “Schwarzenegger now hopes to bring the common Bush-Schwarzenegger agenda to this bluest of blue states. I am hopeful that the people of California will see through the governor's deception and dishonesty.”
 Phil Angelides - “California cannot afford four more years of the Bush-Schwarzenegger agenda.”

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